Wednesday, December 23, 2009

God Gave

I feel so blessed by all the friends I have met through blogging. You all encourage me, challenge me, make me laugh, sometimes cry and most importantly draw me closer to God.

I was reading Rachel's post at Musings of a Future Pastor's Wife the other day. After church and a very meaningful message, God laid on her heart the most beautiful poem. I was so moved by God's generosity showed so beautifully in her words and asked for her permission to share it with you on my blog.

I hope it impacts you too. And if you read it and realize that you don't have a relationship with our amazing God and you want to know more, please contact me. I would love to talk to you about it.

God Gave

In the beginning when time was but new

God moved through His Spirit and brought into view

An expanse and waters and land and green trees

And He gave two great lights, and He was quite pleased

To the animals God gave an abundance of land

To the fish, waters deep - it was part of His plan

For the crown of His creation, into man He blew breath

God gave Adam a helpmeet, whom he loved to great depths

And when God’s dear children turned away from His grace,

He gave them a covering and He settled their case

To jealous Cain God gave a seal

To protect him from other’s malice in zeal

To Noah God gave a warning to heed

Instructions for an ark and materials he’d need

And after Noah and company were afloat for a year,

God gave them a branch as a sign of “all clear”

God then gave a rainbow, a promise from high

It would not be from waters by which the earth died

God gave Abram much: a promise and land

But greater was righteousness, though not by Abram’s hand

And when on the altar Isaac did lie

God gave a ram, so that Isaac not die

To Joseph God gave a promise in dreams

Though hardships did come they were not what they seemed

God gave Joseph a promotion, gave his family good news

Gave Moses a charge and a staff he could use

To go before Pharaoh, deliverance to seek

But when Moses protested God gave Aaron to speak

When the Israelites left God gave them cloud and a fire

And water and manna so they would not tire

God gave them the Law so they’d know what to do

To be righteous before Him for when their lives were through

To Joshua God gave each place his foot trod

Rahab was given redemption from God

An angel was sent to timid, meek Gideon

And to him God gave the soldiers of Midian

God gave to Hannah Samuel, her son

God gave a calling to Samuel while he was still young

At the pleading of Israel God gave them a king

And so Saul rose to power though trouble he would bring

To David God gave strength and great favor

And a heart that cried out to Yahweh as his savior

God gave to Solomon wisdom so deep

To Esther God gave the courage to speak

Isaiah was given a glimpse of God’s glory

Ezekiel, a body for prophetic allegory

To Jeremiah God gave a voice to preach

Daniel was given meanings of dreams

Though His people rebelled, God gave mercy & grace

Gave His Word through his prophets, whether home or displaced

But it wasn’t enough, for His children did desire

After things of the world, for they believed the liar

And though He had been generous to an exponential degree

God had to give more to set His children free

And so to Elizabeth God gave fruit for her womb

A child who would prepare the way for the truth

Then God gave to Mary, so naive and so young

An angelic messenger, and the news from his tongue

Was a Word of promise, of hope, and of peace

And His name would be Jesus; His rule would not cease

God gave Joseph great comfort at the surprising news

So Joseph did not worry about others’ views

God gave them protection on their Bethlehem trek

So they could give their names for the census check

God gave them a stable as a roof for their heads

Gave a hay-filled manger for Jesus’ bed

To the shepherds God gave a star ever bright

They were first to see the Messiah that night

The angels sang choruses of praise from on high

The evil king plotted for Jesus to die

The Wise Men came with gifts in their arms

And God gave them new direction to spare them from harm

As Jesus grew to a man, His giving increased

And He gave freely to all, to even the least

He gives us good gifts, He gives daily bread

If we seek Him first, He promises we’ll be fed

He gave us the Counselor, He gives us peace

He gives light to all men, that by Him we would see

He gives us that which we ask in His name

He gave the kingdom of God that we might proclaim

He gives us the knowledge of the secrets of His rule

He gives us life, and makes us each His tool

He gives living water, and though His sorrows were plenty

He gave his life as a ransom for many

And when the time came He gave bread for reminder

Of His body so broken on a cross none the kinder

And the cup He drank He gave as a sign

Of His blood that would spill, covering sin - yours and mine

And though He was troubled, He gave up His control

For it was the Father’s will to which He was sold

He endured the betrayal, the shame, and the pain

For the love of His children, each known to Him by name

He gave Himself over to the soldiers of Rome

Knowing all the while this place was not His home

He rose up on the cross, mocked by all but His dearest

And when it was finished, He gave up His spirit

His body was taken to the tomb to be laid

The Son of God in a borrowed grave

Three days did pass; He was officially dead

But rather than rot, He rose up instead

He conquered the grave by His power and might

And with it He freed us and before God made us right

And after a time He ascended on high

To His rightful place, on His throne, glorified

With the love of the Father is where it all started

Desiring His creation, longing, broken-hearted

And He knew there was nothing we could do on our own

So He did it for us, by giving up His own

He gave up His throne, His glory, His crown

Clothed Himself in flesh, and brought Himself down

He gave up so much to bring reconcile

To the children He loves, to their hearts so defiled

We can stand in the presence of God by His blood

He’s lifted us out of the mire and the mud

And for Him we go forth with a new charge for living

Because unto us a child was born, and unto us Jesus was given.

Merry Christmas!


Karin said...

That is a very powerful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

Mocha with Linda said...

Beautiful! I'm heading over to Rachel's to tell her!

LuAnn said...

That was amazing Thank you for sharing - Joel is reading it next.

Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing the poem Sara. Merry Christmas to you and you family!

Warren Baldwin said...

Great poem. You have a good blog.

Mama Belle said...

I know. I read it. That's good stuff.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!