Wednesday, December 2, 2009

blog break..........again.


I just can't seem to get caught up.

So, I need to take another blog break, I think.

I have one post I am working on about what we are doing for Christmas this year, but that will probably be it till.......I don't know when.

Why, you ask?

Here is my schedule for the next few days:

* work today
* make cider for Xmas party at church
* go to church for decorating party
* clean Thursday morning like mad (mom is coming)
* work in afternoon
* help set up church for IFO party Friday
* Friday breakfast date with hubby
(a must)
* Friday, cook 2 turkeys for IFO party that night at church
* bake cake for IFO party that night at church
(IFO is a ministry to international students in our area)

* have a mamogram

(ya, can you believe that is in there)

* Go to Sams for food for luncheon Sunday
* IFO party and clean up
* put together dish for Romania team breakfast Saturday
* Romania team get together
* cook food for Sunday appreciation luncheon for Children's church teachers
* pick up parents at airport
* decorate house and tree
* church Sunday
* appreciation luncheon
* crash on sofa
* help my mom create a digital calendar for her 50th HS reunion
(the reason she is coming for a visit)
* work
* make cookies for boys band concert
* boys band concert
* send my parents home
* try and figure out what to serve at staff/elder dinner on Sunday

What in the world am I doing on this computer?!!!!


Mocha with Linda said...

So why don't you paint your house while your at it?! LOL

Hang in there. I'll miss you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your list exhausted me just reading it! Hope you get everything done! We'll miss you!

Lisa said...

that's a whole lotta food stuff...must be the holidays!

Cathy said...

You're on the computer because you need a break. Wow girl! That's a lot to do in such a short time.

Darla said...

oh my...i am tired from reading all of that! God be with you!!!!

LuAnn said...

YIKES !!! - It is tough being the Pastor's wife. I hear ya and my goes out for ya!!!!

Take some deep breathes - peace - joy - love - happiness - God's blessings to you on the next xouple of weeks!!!

Growin' with it! said...

not much you can delegate either! sheesh woman, you are busy. i'm getting my very 1st mamo on monday...please tell me i'll survive! ☺

Karin said...

Girl, I am tired just reading that!

Thena said...

WOW!!! Maybe I need to make a to-do list. I might just spend less time on the computer too if I did. lol

Kim said...

Yikes Sara! You need more than a blog break, you need a clone or three!

SusanD said...

I'm right there w/ya. My list keeps growing and the days to get it all done in grows shorter. Blessings, SusanD

SmilingSally said...

I'm right there with you, Sara. I'm moving, and you will notice that my posts (and visiting) are fewer.

StephieAnne said...

Good Grief! And I was whining about my life this week!

Hang in there - hope you can relish the spirit of the season throughout all of the busy-ness.

And, I'll miss you!

(P.S. - On my blog, you had asked how my son is doing....I'm assuming it's in follow up of me talking about his parent teacher conference and the improvements in focus....

All is going very well for him. In fact, he just did a state report and gave an oral presentation without me even knowing it was happening. What a great feeling to have him come home with an assessment form saying he got A's on both....kind of shocking for me! So, yes, he's doing very well. Now, if we can just get him to be willing to wear jeans instead of sweats everyday!!!)

Edie said...

Wow your schedule is tad bit full! :)
I like this one...
"crash on sofa" It's sad when you have to put it on your To Do list so you don't miss it! LOL!

H-Mama said...

Oh my lands. You need a personal assistant, yes? {{hugs}}

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

You know what? I find that when I am my busiest, I tend to gravitate even MORE towards the computer! It's like it keeps me in denial about all the stuff I ought to be doing and helps me be, well, lazy. TOTALLY unlike how I'm being right at this very moment!! (Ahem...)