Saturday, October 24, 2009

Project 365 - Week 43

Week 43!! It was a rainy, dreary week here in AR and I trudged through most of it with a killer headache. But we have ended the week with SUNSHINE and the perfect weather for City Fest!! This is a huge outreach put on my Louis Palau. Churches in our city have been planning this event for over a year. It has been a blessing seeing our churches unite together to reach the lost of LR and central AR!! And we have perfect weather for it!!! Praise God!

Happy 18th Birthday today to my son!!!
I love you so much!!

Here's my week:

Here some of the older kids are acting out a drama from Jonah. This is the part with Jonah on the boat with the sailors (they decided to be pirates!) and the storm. They practiced last week and are being videoed this week. What they don't know is with that green screen behind them, we are going to substitute a storm. so when they get their DVD it will have that on it. They are going to be so surprised!!!


Had a dentist appointment today.
This was the view out of the window that I watched while she cleaned my teeth. Most relaxing 30 minutes of my day!!!


Tried a new recipe tonight...a savory hamburger pie
It was amazing.....EVERYone like it...which equals a keeper!
I will be sharing it next Monday for Fall into Flavor!


It's spirit week! and today is super hero day.
Meet Superman and News paper Man....
...they so crack me up!


With the weather going from the 50s to the 70s back to the 50s again....

....even the trees are confused!!!

This maple has turned for fall and then now has new growth!


It was cooooold at the homecoming game last night!!!
But we won!!
And one of our boys broke the state rushing record!


After over a year of planning, City Fest is here!
This is Louis Palau speaking on stage!
What a great day, can't wait for tomorrow!!

Time to post your week!!!


Kim said...

So glad the sun came out and your headache went away! Sounds like a full and fun week :-) Wonderful photos! Looking forward to the new recipe; we enjoy trying new things.

Have a great week!

Lisa said...

The City fest looks amazing!

I find the dentist to be very relaxing, too. Laying down for 30 min and no one asking me for things. :)

The boys are very funny!

Dena said...

Sounds like we have been having the same weather as you...and the farmers are getting frantic about getting the crops out (as are we farmers wives). Starting tomorrow it's supposed to begin raining again for at least 3-4 days.

The picture of your sons is too funny! We have different "days" for our homecoming week too...always fun!

rita said...

Amazing photos: peaceful, beautiful scene; delicious food (I'm hungry!); confused but pretty bushes; sunshine; and Luis Palau!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Love that picture from the dentist office window. Wow.

Great pics, as always!

fransmomma said...

ha! i love the picture of your boys. priceless.

and the view at your dentists office?? ridiculous. i mean that in an "i jealous becuase i have to look at the highway" kind of way. :)

Christine said...

God is so cool. Of course He would clear the weather for a festival thrown in His honor! Awesome!!
And happy birthday to Jason!

Elizabeth said...

What a great week... can't wait to see that recipe... I will be trying that one out as soon as you post it :-)

2Thinks said...

Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about that part where a pirate threatens Jonah with a wooden spoon.

The ole green screen trick- that is going to be the bomb. I'd love to see their faces when they see that.

Funny about the confused bush. Here, our trees know exactly what is coming- snow! and soon! Yipes.

Happy birthday to your boy!

I've missed 365 posting the past couple- went with writing an actual post this time. I'll be back though.

Edie said...

Your city fest looks fantastic! How wonderful for all the churches to get together in something like that.

Still loving the whole Jonah project! Maybe we could see a snippet of the video?

Hamburger pie looks delicious!

Newspaper man, HAHAHAHAHA! That's just funny!

My plants are confused too. I noticed that it's fall in the front yard with the leaves starting to hit the ground, and spring in the backyard as the roses get new buds.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!

Love the view from the dentist office window...I don't think it would be enough for me to relax at the dentist though.

Great pictures of your week.

Darla said...

happy 18th birthday Jason!

city fest sounds like an amazing thing! it's always good when churches can come together! and when they will! it takes alot in our town for that to happen, and it's a small place!

H-Mama said...

Happy Birthday to your baby! ;)

What a great week... Your tree is totally crackin' me up. Seriously. We know the feeling here too. ;)