Tuesday, September 8, 2009

some memories....

Thank you for all your wonderful comments about my new bedroom!! It was so much fun to show off........it's really just fun it is d.o.n.e!! :)

But I wanted to show you up close some of the pictures I decorated with. They have lots of meaning and memories behind them.

This is not a great shot, but this is a photo of my dad, he is the one on the stand.
He was a cheerleader in college, which makes me laugh.
I love this picture of him!

This cutie is my hubby!!
Is that beanie not hilarious?!!!
I can't believe his mom got him to keep it on!!

These 3 are of my mom, brother and me
I found these at my mom's and have been looking for the perfect place for them.
I was cute, huh?!

This one makes me cry when I read it.....every.time!
First, the top picture is crewel work of the love stamp that was on my wedding invitations. Yep, my mom thinks of it all...the actual stamp is in the lower right corner.

The bottom picture was presented to me at my rehearsal dinner
That is actually me at 5 yrs. old in a play wedding outfit
I can't believe they found this picture.

But the special part is the poem my dad wrote for me.....

Little Girl
Little Girl
How Great it was the day you were born
You know, I could hold you in one hand
It was a day of happiness and not scorn
Little did I know what God had in His plan

Little Girl
You started as my little Princess, into everything
But, oh, how you've grown and changed
Your love for everyone has always been a blessing
You've become a beautiful lady whose talents have wide range

Little Girl
The joys we've had together seem like a million
Looking back arouses my deepest feelings
Like San Francisco, "Flying Nun" skiing trips, even the cotillion
It excites me to the very depth of my being

Little Girl
I must now realize the continuation of God's plan
You have made the decision to become a wife
It's time that I give you to another man
and I will cherish my memories for the rest of my life

Little Girl
I want you to know how pleasing is your choice
He's one of the luckiest men in the world
And even though he will now be the boss
Psst, Psst -- always remember, you're MY Little Girl

..........I have the greatest dad!


H-Mama said...

from one sentimental girl to another... i love this!

2Thinks said...

This is wonderful! I have been going over a "Tribute" to my own dad that I want to blog, so this had special meaning to me and lends inspiration. Thank you for sharing this!

Darla said...

it's really not right that you make me cry at noon! that poem is AMAZING! i know you cherish that. it is just so beautiful, and i love the photos too. you certainly resemble your mom! thanks for sharing these special things with us!

LuAnn said...

Oh Sara - I love the old pictures and the poem well - what a great dad you have !!!!

Lois Lane II said...

Awww...what a wonderful poem and what awesome pics!! Love them!

Go ahead and read Green. It does answer some lingering questions, and there is an epic climax battle scene, but...I dunno. I read a lot of reviews of people who LOVED the ending...and then some, like me, who hated it.

SmilingSally said...

What a sweet poem! I'm familiar with the LOVE stamp; it's the same on my daughter used 25 years ago for her wedding.

Kim said...

What a wonderful post! Loved the photos...and that poem -- geez, you trying to make us all cry?! :-)

All these special things make your room even more special.

Mama Belle said...

Awww ...

BTW, I linked you for tomorrow.

Lisa said...

Very sweet. I'm a daddy's girl, too. Such a special relationship! It must be so rewarding to walk into your bedroom everyday.

The butt print is too funny!