Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Dozen

Before I start though, I have to come clean......

I, myself, am the culprit who leaves the toilet paper stacked.
In my defense, it doesn't happen all the time....just most.

Hi, my name is Sara and I don't change the toilet paper roll in my bathroom.

But I so appreciate all ya'll thinking that it was the "other" people in my house!! :) You're the best!

Today, I'm joining Linda, at 2nd Cup for her Random Dozen. Join with us!!

1. Which is worse: a long, boring meeting or standing in a return/exchange line after Christmas?
most definitely the return line after Xmas....it's like the DVM!

2. Except for maybe Rosie O'Donnell or Ann Coulter, nobody likes confrontation, yet we all have to deal with it. When you feel cornered and defensive, do you "bite back" or become passive aggressive? When I feel cornered, I tend to bite back. I don't think any one would describe me as passive aggressive.....my husband might even laugh at that.

3. Do you know anything about your genealogical background? (What country, culture, ties to prominent historical figures, or other stuff.) My dad is adopted, so no info on his side and my to be honest, I am not sure about my mom. We can go back many generations before it goes overseas.

4. What is the quickest way a person can endear him/herself to you? be a friend, honest and take interest in the relationship.

5. Cake, pie, cookies, or ice cream? (Note there is no "all of the above" option. You must choose one. Feel free to elaborate on flavor or memories tied to this dessert.) If you'd like, you can share a recipe, but you certainly don't have to. Ice Cream all the way. I do like to make homemade ice cream but when you have Blue Bell or Baskin robins, why?

6. Females: Do you regularly change your handbag to coordinate with your outfit? I am horrible about changing my handbag. It happens, maybe, twice a year.

7. Are you task-oriented or relationship-oriented? relationship oriented for sure, unless I am in charge of a project...then I become quite task oriented.

8. IHOP, Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel? I really don't care for any of them.

9. Have you ever left a movie in progress in a theater? Why? yes, for language

10. What is one area of life in which you would like to develop more discipline or organization? organization....my house. discipline....changing the toilet paper roll :) no, really I would like more discipline in intercessory prayer.

11. Was middle school fun or painful? It was actually fun for me, but it did have its painful moments for sure.

12. What is your favorite Fall beverage? I love hot apple cider....but seeing as it is still 90 here, it will be a while before I feel like drinking that.

What are you answers?


Margaret said...

Sara, this is a long one, but here it goes:

1. A boring meeting is worse ANY day. I go to a LOT of meetings.
2. I tend to bite back. I am not known for being passive about anything.
3. My background. My Dad was also adopted, so nothing there. My Mother, German & English (I think)
4. I like people that show compassion, drive and kindness.
5. If I HAVE to pick one, I pick cake. There's just something about frosting that's hard to beat.
6. I hardly ever change my purse. I'll use it until it's "dead".
7. I tend to be relationship oriented, but my kids and husband would disagree. They call me "Drill Sgt Mommy".
8. IHOP - Gotta love Breakfast
9. I don't ever remember leaving a movie.
10. I need discipline in my diet and exercise. YUCK!!
11. From what I remember, Middle School was fun. Even though I remember 13 was a tough age.
12. Favorite Fall Beverage. Very funny. I live in Arizona, we only have 2 seasons, Summer & January.

Heather of the EO said...

I love this. I love learning these random things about people.

And I think it's hilarious about the TP. I do it too ;)

Elizabeth said...

You are such an interesting girl! I loved reading your answers-they tell so much about you!

So, we are really different, but I think that's one reason we get along so well. And we do have some things in common: I LOVE Baskin Robbins (and Satellite, ahem), and I rarely change purses, and I am repulsed by bad language in movies.

Plus, I totally agree on #4. That's a BIG one for me.

Deven said...

Really? No breakfast places? Sigh. But I am with you about hot cider. It belongs on chilly days. In the meantime, cold cider will do just fine.

SmilingSally said...

Baskin Robbins praline 'n cream! Woo Hoo!

I like Bob Evans for breakfast only.

I never change my handbag; I have two: summer/phone and winterfall.

Dena said...

My father wasn't adopted...just absent so we know basically nothing about his side either. Do you ever wish you knew more? I'd like the health information at least.

Oh I can't imagine only changing my purse once or twice a year. :)

We aren't having Fall weather yet either. Still around 80 and cooler in the evenings. Perfection in my opinion, and I wish it would last until at least next April.

Jill said...

Oh, that is a fun one Sara.

I LOVE it that your Daddy's adopted!
I'm a tiny bit partial that way!! ;)

Anonymous said...

We have so many of the same answers! Kinda funny!

Mocha with Linda said...

I'm glad you did this meme. But did you know that when I click on your name on the link at Lid's that it takes me to your April 9th Thankful Thursday post?! Maybe you better rethink the answer to #12. . . . :-)

Enjoyed your answers - once I found them!

Joyce said...

I just stopped in from 2nd cup. I like your blog. I read your story/testimony and it was so moving. Your aunt sounds like my grandma : ) How lucky you are to have had her in your life.

Kim said...

This was a fun meme to read! It made me smile and nod my head a lot :-)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Sara, I never took you for a "biter-backer," but I'm not going to rile you!

Loved the answers. I'm finding I'm one of few who constantly changes handbags.

Lois Lane II said...

Um...I don't even HAVE a toilet paper roll holder. ;) And we've lived in the house for three years now. Sigh...

Glad to know it's 90 degrees somewhere else, too, haha!

quilly said...

#10 - keeping a set time, a set place, a prayer list as my book mark, and a prayer journal worked for me. Not only did I become more faithful in praying, I became more faithful in listening. I have gotten out of the habit. Perhaps we can pick it up together?

quilly said...

Oh, and I have a set of bed sheets that match your bathroom wall paper! LOL!

Susanne said...

I can so relate to your #2 answer.

I love homemade ice cream too. We don't have those two brands you mentioned here in my part of Canada.

StephieAnne said...

Fun stuff - I will post my answers tomorrow on my blog....

Jamie said...

This was fun! Enjoyed reading your answers!

Ohilda said...

Bahahaha! You're the toilet paper culprit? That's hilarious! And you don't care for Cracker Barrel? A southern belle like you? Gasp! :)