Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 on the Tenth

Today I am joining Meredith from Life at 7000 feet for her meme about 10 things I am enjoying these days....

1. My newly painted room!!! It was hard work, but I love my room! You can go here to see it. I have even made my bed every day since I finished it....that is sayin something!!!

2. Being part of Dolce Bellezza's Japanese Literary Challenge. This reading has really taken me out of my comfort zone and I'm finding that I have to put away my "american" way of desiring a plot and a conclusion! I am on my 2nd book and enjoying it!!

3. Having our youth group meet at our house on Wednesday nights. Yep, on Wednesdays our house in invaded by all the youth in our church for a weekly program. they meet in one large group then break up into smaller groups all over the house for deeper study. Some of you might cringe at that, but I LOVE it!!!

4. The extended hot weather. I know, I'm weird. But I love the hot weather and would like to extend our "pool time" as far as we can!!

5. Getting to know the Korean congregation that is now meeting at our church on Sunday afternoons. These folks always, always come in to church with huge smiles. They are so happy to have a church home and it shows. I have loved meeting them and getting to know them...though the language barrier is sometimes hard, a smile and a hug makes it work!

6. my new work schedule! for the last several years, I have worked Mondays and Thursdays at the pharmacy coffee shop. The owner recently asked me if I could change hours to help them out for a while. Now I work everyday, except Friday, from 12-3 and am working back in the pharmacy. I wasn't sure how I would like it, but after giving it a try....I am really enjoying it!!!

7. My family. We are in a new season, with a college junior, hs senior and hs sophmore and I am enjoying where we are.......well, most of it!! :)

8. The fact that So You Think You Can Dance is back on!!! woot!

9. Trying out new recipes. I have been on a new recipe kick and have received some awesome ones from ya'll!!! I love having the time, and desire, to try new ones!! yum!

10. Project 365. I am still enjoying trying to capture my day with a picture. I honestly can't believe I have kept it up this long......I am so very glad I did. I just wish that all of us still doing it could find a way at the end of the year to get together and show off our year.......hmmmm, going to have to work on that!

Happy Thursday!!!


Kim said...

Lots of great things you're enjoying! I used to never make up my bed. Or rarely, I should say. But the last few years finally got in the habit of making it first thing. Sometimes trying while the hubby is still in it :-) LOL

I miss the youth group coming to our house. They were comfortable enough to check out the fridge and see what there might be to munch on. And we always knew it was an adult when someone knocked on the front door -- because the kids always just came right in! :-) So I can relate the how much you enjoy having the teens over. Such energy, such honesty, such fun!

Anonymous said...

Sara, I love, love, love the look of your blog. As far as I'm concerned, you've reached perfection: it's aesthetically pleasing, clear, organized, bright and beautiful. Wow!

I'm so happy that you've not only joined the JLC3, but that you're glad you did. It's quite a stretch to read in that genre, because it's so different from what we may be used to, but I find it very worth the endeavor.

As to a newly painted room, I'm not even going to look at the picture. Well, maybe I will, but my room is in dire need of attention! It's just too busy with getting the school year off the ground.

H-Mama said...

Sara, this is a great list. My hubby and I served as youth pastors at one time and I loved when they invaded my house too. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Your bedroom really is beautiful, and way to go for making your bed. I make mine about 1 out of every 10 days. It's shameful! Maybe if I make it pretty I'll be more motivated.

Youth groups are so important and I bet your house is the perfect place-it's so friendly to teenagers. I hope our home is the same one day. I really want young people to feel at home here.

I know you love your job! How fun to get to be back in the pharmacy. I would love that!

Share some of those recipes (as long as they're not too hard)!

I've slacked with 365, and I am sorry for that. One more thing I'm behind on. . . .

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I hopped over from Meredith's. Don't agree with you on the hot weather (check on #1 on my list!) I do love trying new recipes, though. Been doing that a lot lately myself.

Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm not fan of the hot weather either, but I am really excited for you for all the ministry going on in your life!

I SO wish I could have kept up with 365. I may have to try again for 2010. Now that my child is FINALLY potty trained, I can lose the gigantic diaper bag and I have a bag that i can actually fit my Bible & SLR in without it breaking my shoulders. So we'll see! :)

Sara@i.Sass said...

We haven't hit maximum speed yet.
And by that I mean, Nick hasn't started school, Study hasn't started our days are still in flux yet. Soon very soon the schedule will be a full speed ahead.
I SO admire your dedication to Project 365.
I'm lucky if I remember to bring the camera on family outings! HA!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a GREAT list!!

How exciting that you are having your youth in your home every Wed. night! What a blessing for well as for you!!

fransmomma said...

very good list!
LOVE your new room! it turned out fabulous!!
i can completely relate on the youth thing. i love it when some of the kids come over and just hang out. we cant have them all over at once though!! thats great that you can do that with your group!
i was a certified pharmacy tech for 4 years before i quit to be a mommy. i really enjoyed it...most of the time. :) the days went by quickly because there was always something to do.

have a blessed weekend!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Sara, since I know it's a desire of yours to be a personal chef someday, wanna come practice on me??? :) Everytime you post a pic of some new dish you try, my mouth just waters.

I am not familiar with the Japanese Literary Challenge so I'm going to hop over and see what it's all about. You've got me all intrigued now....

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hi Sara! So glad you joined the fun this go-round.

GREAT list! I need to spend some time checking out your blog...would love to know you better!

2Thinks said...

Like these 10 enjoyments. Am trying to compose a post for today, which is now tonight, but may have to go with a meme myself.

Lois Lane II said...

No 2 is awesome!! That sounds really cool!!

Anonymous said...

I came over from Meredith's list and ended up adding blogs to my Reader! Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff going on this fall!

Anonymous said...

I came over from Meredith's list and ended up adding blogs to my Reader! Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff going on this fall!

Jill said...

I love ten on the tenth...and all yours are TOTALLY KEWL!
Have an amazing weekend!

SmilingSally said...

I'm not ready to give up warm weather; that's why I live in FL.

Mocha with Linda said...

Warm weather, yes. 100+ degree weather, no.

You always amaze me with all you have going on!