Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Your Answer Wednesday and a WINNER!

**excuse all references to Wednesday.....starting back to school this week has me all turned around. Actually I did start this post on Wednesday and I didn't want to redo time! So just pretend it is Wednesday.....for me......mkay?!

I loved hearing about all your canning experiences! And for those of you that said you had the canning tools, but never canned.......give it a try!!! I'd be happy to walk you through it!!

I do have to clarify one thing....(thanks to my friend Wendi for commenting on it) .... you can only use the upside down method with jelly. For everything else, you really need to water bath it or pressure can it.

I have to say that I was so surprised by how many of you have never tried jalapeno are so missing out!!

However, one of you will not be missing out for long!!!

The winner of the jalapeno jelly giveaway is:

Mama Belle

email me your address and I will send out your yummy jelly!!!

I haven't joined in this for a while and I miss it. I am in a cooking mood. Have fun!

1. what is your favorite dish that you make at home.

2. What is one dish you would really love to learn how to make.

3. If you could and $ was not an object, would you have a personal chef?

4. Ever had any cooking catastrophes?

My Answers:

1. Probably my favorite dish that I make is a Pasta with Broccoli that I learned to make in Italy. It is not necessarily my family's favorite, but I LOVE it!!!

2. After seeing Julie & Julia, I want to learn how to make Boeuf Bourguignon.

3. No, I love to cook. However, it is one of my dreams to BE a personal chef!!

4. Besides last weeks green sauce shooting all over the kitchen when the blender wasn't screwed in well........I once used salt in a pie instead of sugar.......ya, bad!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Lois Lane II said...

Oooh -- what a good WYAW!!

1. Hmmm...I love so many, mainly the ones my hubby makes (he is an AMAZING cook). Chicken verona, manicotti, lasagna, mouth is watering...

2. Maybe how to beautifully decorate cakes. Does that count? Lol!

3. I do. It's my husband (no joke; I'm telling you, this man is awesome in the kitchen).

4. Yes, which is why I try not to cook. I've cut and stabbed myself so many times with a knife that it's not even funny. We used our first aid kit we got for a wedding gift BEFORE the wedding.

2Thinks said...

1. My current fave is fried vegetable fritattas. I use fresh yellow or green squash from our garden, shredded with carrots, mushrooms, onions and mixed with egg whites and spices and fry up those patties.

2. I'd like to learn to make a good moussaka, I think it takes all day to make, I don't know.

3. Chef? No. Cleaning lady? Tutor on a par with Aristotle for Fash? Yes!

4. One time the heat from the glass casserole dish emanated through my hotpad, I think the hotpad was wet and while I learned firsthand that energy moves quickly through moisture, I dropped the dinner on the floor.

Sara@i.Sass said...

1) Scrambled eggs. Nobody complains.But personally I like just about anything cooked by somebody else, it ALWAYS tastes better when someone else makes it.
2)LEARN how to make. LOL. NONE.
3) if you haven't guessd my answer yet, I want one. Starting three years ago.
4)again I'm laughing out loud here. Just about anytime I'm in the kitchen something doesn't go right. Nothing HUGE, but I use too many dishes, I can't find the measuring spoons, just stuff. My husband daily asks "How can you go through ALL the spoons in the day?"
I don't know, we like spoons?

H-Mama said...

if $ were not an option, i would so hire you ;)

Kim said...

1. what is your favorite dish that you make at home. creamed chicken over cornbread

2. What is one dish you would really love to learn how to make. sushi

3. If you could and $ was not an object, would you have a personal chef? Yes! Can I hire you?! :-)

4. Ever had any cooking catastrophes? Early in our marriage I served a couple meals by candlelight so Ivan couldn't see what I was feeding him! LOL One of those included my first wine sauce which had curdled. Yuck! Both times this happened he very diplomatically suggested we might want to get Burger King instead.

Anonymous said...

1. My hubby loves my roast, so I guess I have to say that's my favorite. Although I made some fish the other day that was OUTSTANDING. And of course, anything with parmesan tops the list... :)

2. It's not so much a dish, but I'd love to know how to make artisan bread from scratch.

3. No way! Half the fun of eating is knowing it's something I created. I'd take the money and hire a maid.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I hit post before I finished!

4. One time when I was trying to make mashed potatoes I made potato soup instead. And I tried to to lasagna in the crock pot and it was a complete disaster. And then there was the time I was frying chicken and I dropped the entire bowl of flour/seasonings THAT I'D ALREADY USED TO DREDGE THE CHICKEN on the floor. Need more? :)

Margaret said...

1. Does Caramel corn count? My kids and I make it every year at Christmas and give it to the neighbors. It is AMAZING!!! If I didn't make it, we would have to move out of the neighborhood.
2. All this talk about canning. I think I would like to try my hand at pickles.
3. I don't think so. My husband does most of the cooking.
4. I left an aluminum pan that I'd used to make caramel corn in the oven and turned it on. It wouldn't have been so bad, but we were having a party and there were about 75 people in my house. The smoke and the smell was not so good. The 2nd worse was when I was making banana bread and my son knocked over the bowl of batter. Slimy bananas with oil and eggs is NOT fun to clean up.

Michelle said...

i may just have to try canning! I would love to can apple sauce or apple butter....yum!

1. pasta alfredo
2. dessert count? i have tried SO many times to make a pecan pie and it always turns our awful!
3. i think i would hire one, but just for a bit, maybe to teach me a couple of thing, i really love cooking, and don't think i'd like to give it up.
4. my entire first year of marriage ;)

Wendi said...

1. I love experimenting with pasta and making my own sauces. Just tonight I sauteed chicken and garlic in butter and olive oil with some red pepper flakes, added arthichoke hearts and little chicken broth and heavy cream. topped with parmesan. Served over angel hair. Yummy!

2. Hmmmmm......tough one. Can I steal one from an earlier post? I love the artisan bread idea!

3. Personal chef? No. Absolutely not. Maid? When can she start?

4. Made the mistake once of leaving a cheesecake in the oven in the care of my youngest son. "Turn the oven off, prop the door open a little and set the timer for 30 minutes." He got all of it but the "turn the oven off" part.