Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365 - Week 33

This has been a very full week for me! I guess I have been trying to cram it all in before school you do that? You realize that you have just one week left and there are all these things that you had hoped to do. One thing that didn't get done was to paint my bedroom. I have the paint all bought......but never found the time. So I am hoping that will get done once school starts this Wednesday!!!

Here's my week:

Went to see this tonight with the ladies from my neighborhood bible study... was GREAT!!!
I walked out so inspired to cook!


Tough day for me.
Had to say goodbye to my daughter and send her back to college.

It just never gets easier.....


We had a cooking class at bible study tonight
we all just saw Julie & Julia, so notice the aprons and pearls!!

good to make sure your blender is screwed on tight
when making a green sauce!!!

mussels with parsley/lemon sauce

Scallops with pesto in roasted peppers

(I will try to get these recipes posted soon!)


made a quick (very quick) trip to Dallas to pick up some
furniture from my Aunt's house.


School schedules are out....
really? grade 12?
How did that happen?!?!?!


This is what Jason looked like when he got up today.....

.....this is what he looked like after getting "ready" for the day...
......not much difference in the hair! ha!


My best friend, Wendi, and I spent the afternoon canning!

Jalapeno jelly is the dark green in the back.
Peach preserves in the front
pickled jalapenos, garlic & peppers on the right
the start of Lemoncello in the vodka bottles
Lemoncello has to steep in a dark place for 15 days before we finish it!

This was a great day!!!

Now link up below and share your week with us!!!


Kim said...

What a great week! Loved that shot of you after your blending mishap :-) Priceless! At least you were cooking with a group of fun ladies when it happened so y'all could just laugh together. I am SO looking forward to seeing J&J -- hoping it's on DVD when the daughter comes in Dec. so she can bring it :-)

Summer flies by too fast! Oh, and Jason's before and after photos? ROFL!

All those beautiful jars of canned goodies is quite inspirational. I got rid of all my jars before we moved, concerned about breakage in transport and never dreaming I'd have so much trouble finding canning jars here. So now we're saving jelly jars, pickle jars, etc. but not sure what I can do about sealing. Will have to do some research.

Have a great week!

fransmomma said...

fantastic pictures! looks you you had a very busy, but very fun week. the food looks delicious!! ...i wonder if my preschoolers would eat any of it. :)

Esthermay said...

Jason: quick change artist!
Canning! OH! I envy this picture. I've wanted to do this for years!!! So many of your photos just inspire me to make time for things on my life-time "to-do" list. [That's called a Bucket-List, right? lol.]

. . . must. see. julie. & julia!!!

Thought of you when I saw the first preview! LOVe the aprons AND PEARLS!!!

skoots1mom said...

i saw that movie thurs. was good!
loved all your canning...
my dd goes to college next year, and her hair looks like your son's when she wakes up, too!
he's so handsome, mom....
you had a great week
i'm still pulling my picks together

Liz said...

OH! What a great week! I went to see Julie and Julia...saved my ticket stub and can't find it now! But, wasn't it a sweet movie? I love the inspiration it gave you and your Bible Study friends!
And, no, it NEVER gets easier sending your children off to college! waaaaa is right! Glad you had a BF to come over and keep you occupied! Look at all those jars!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, I can't wait to see that movie! All my girlfriends went on Fri, but I was so sick and couldn't go. You all look fantastic in your pearls and aprons, and wow...fancy food! Sweet!

Oh...I can't imagine how hard it is to see your daughter drive away to college. I feel like I'll blink twice and I'll be there...I'm not even looking forward to mine going to pre-school!

2Thinks said...

Loved Julie and Julia, too! You guys really lived it out w/your pearls and aprons and even that green sauce catastrophe. You should really make your own movie!

It is so hard when the old kids leave for school like that. Guess what? My old kid graduated from college, has worked all summer at a Christian camp and is coming home to LIVE until the next phase of life (when he gets a real job and finds his own place or something like that)- I'm really looking forward to having him here.

My dau. is a senior this year and we homeschool. I have to get going and get the schedule figured out and the books purchased- dragging my feet. She does take some classes outside our home- American Lit. World Geography and Art and Theater.

Love it that you jarred all those peaches and stuff and really like the color of the wall in that room- your kitchen?

LuAnn said...

What a great cannind day. It is always great to sit back and look at all the hard work. Do you display any of these goodies in your kitchen???

Jason - love the hair. It so hard to imagine kids are going back to school already. I love summer!!!

The Davidson Den said...

Ah, yes, the old "top-off-the-blender" bit! :) Happens to the best of us...

TCKK said...

Looks like a great week Sara! I've got a senior this year too! Scary huh? Love the blender mishap. Too funny.

rita said...

Y'all are the canning queens!
And Jason w/ his do + glasses looks ready for school!

Only one of mine made it thru college. Am grateful for that, but I do remember the sad trip back after dropping him off at Moody.

Jamie said...

I really want to see that movie! I love your picture with the blender oops.

I'm so impressed with all your canning. The only thing I've done is peaches...but would love to do some other things as well.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

You have been busy! When can I come for dinner? ;)

Lisa said...

Sara, you had me laughing this week! The hair of course is great and it looks like you had a good sense of humor about the blender.

Thats a whole lot of canning! Much more fun to do all that work with a friend.

Such a sad pic of your daughter driving away...disappointing to hear it doesn't get easier.