Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I haven't done What's Your Answer Wednesday in a long time and I am not even sure that Linda is still doing it. However, I needed a post for today and this always makes for a fun one!!!

I spent the day yesterday doing the dreaded......back-to-school-shopping......ugh! My day and my bank account were shot! Why does it seem that it costs more and more to send your kids to school? And why does it seems we are having to provide more and more of the supplies?

oh yea, because we ARE!!!

So, in light of school starting in a few short weeks (I know, some of you didn't need that reminder...sorry!), here are my questions....

1. Do you do anything special to celebrate the first and last days of school each year?

2. Do you by your children a new back pack every year?

3. How many times have you bought all the supplies on the list...only to find out when school starts they needed something different?

4. Do you do the "dance of Joy" as the school bus pulls away from your stop on the 1st day of school?

My Answers:

1. YES!! I always do something for me the 1st and last days of school. Some of the things I've done in the past are: have lunch with a friend and go to a movie, have a movie marathon/PJ day at my house for all the moms, go to the lake, get a pedicure (this is my last day tradition).

2. No, I am the "mean mom" who won't buy a new backpack until my kids can prove that it won't hold anything or simply smells so bad the school won't let them in!! Jared proved his point this year and got a new bag!!

3. EVERY year!!! this is so annoying to me....if they need it, put it on the list!!!

4. YEP! Usually by then I am so happy to have them back in school. Only the year my last child started 1st grade did I not dance....for the 1st 10 minutes! Of course I also do the dance of joy on the last day of school too!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


skoots1mom said...

i used to dance, she drives away...and I pray :)

speaking of praying, would you keep my great niece in your prayers at 2pm et ... she's having infection complications following her heart surgery. Her little 2 1/2yo body is really fighting and we need Jesus' healing hand especially...

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

1. Not really, This will be the first year they are all in school. Their first day back is a half day so I may do something, but their second day back I am going back to work!

2. Yes, but our local grocery store chain has a deal that if you spend $10 on Kellogg's products they will give you $10 off a backpack. So most of the time I spend $5 or less on their back pack. With lunch bags I am more of your philosophy. :)

3. Not that I recall. This last year we had the girls in public school for the first time and they did not have a list!!! We just had to bring in tissues. It was crazy to me!

4. I am not sure on this either. I know that last year when we had the "School Choice Debacale of 2008" I did not do a happy dance when I dropped Faith at the school she went to for one week, but I think did when I dropped her at her school that we wanted her to be at. Thank God all 3 girls are guarenteed of being in the same school this year!

Happy Hump Day!

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

It cracks me up that all of you are doing your back to school shopping already, cuz in Michigan there is a law that school can not start till after Labor Day! We have more than 5 weeks before school starts. Of course we pay for it in the spring when we are in school through the second week of June!

SmilingSally said...

1. Not since I retired from teaching!
2. I never bought my children a backpack. In the olden days, before backpacks, I bought them a new notebook each year.
3. I never got a supply list, either.
4. When mine were little and I was a stay-at-home-mom, I did do that "dance of joy!"

Sara@i.Sass said...

hmmmm, this whole school thing is just kinda starting for us.
1)I say it every year, I'm gonna try not to yell "You need to get going! You'll miss the bus"...
2)I've bought 4 backpacks and Nina has only been to kindergarten. She likes the stinkin' cutsie ones, HSM, Hananah Montana, Jonas, this year she chose a froggy/flowered one. I think I may invest in one of those $40 ones after they go on sale...But for her, it's all about the bag right now. The bags I CAN afford it's going to be the clothes that We can't keep up with.
3)I HATE the lists. I'm not even going to get started.
4)Haven't yet, I still have little eyes on me, I don't want to give him any ideas!
This will be my first year without Butter, she goes ALL day. Roo still has half days preschool in the afternoons, I plan to read a lot and maybe MAYBE get in a lunch or two.

Elizabeth said...

1. We always go to breakfast on the first day of school. Unfortunately, the kids always choose donuts or McDonald's. But they love that tradition!

2. No way! They ask for a new one every year, but we have the same standard as you. When you NEED one, we'll look. But we always tell them up front that it has to last until ___ grade. Then they know to take good care of it.

3. My mom-in-law loves to buy their supplies, but she usually buys a few wrong things and always buys too many extras. There's only been one time that the teachers said they needed something different. It was a notebook for fourth grade, and I had to go to 5 stores to find the right kind!

4. Last year, I was happy to have the quiet but sad b/c my baby started kindergarten. This year I have really mixed feelings again b/c it's Sophie's last year in elementary school. I am really torn b/t being glad for a real routine, and sad that they are growing up so quickly.

They start school in two weeks:(

Margaret said...

1. The 1st day of school my husband and I both take them and of course take pictures. On the last day of school (elementary) they do a thing called water day, where they play in slides, wading pools, etc. (Hey, it's AZ and it's hot)
2. This will be the 3rd they've used some backpacks I got some L.L.Bean. They still look brand new.
3. We don't get a list until 2 days before school starts when we meet the teacher. Always a mad scramble to get everything squared away. My kids start August 12th, 2 days after we home from vacation.
4. I work full-time, so I don't get to enjoy an empty house when they are gone. The beginning of school means more arguing about homework. YUCK!!!

Growin' with it! said...

yep, still doing it...but slow today! just not doing the linky. sorry!

boy do i know what you mean on the bank account...and i have boys!! can't imagine girls clothes/supplies!

1. nothing spectacular but a big breakfast.

2. made that mistake once. sheesh. unless it falls off them, they can use the same old, same old!

3. that's only happened a few times, but enough to make me bonkers.

4. nope. i start feeling anxious and sad about now and when that day comes i cry a few (hidden) tears.

Mocha with Linda said...

1. We always have breakfast at IHOP one of the last days before school starts.

2. Same backpack every year until it's worn out or they outgrew it (in elementary)

3. Yes. And we get really aggravated at having to provide office supplies like copy paper and such.

4. A bit. I'm usually ready for some "me" time.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I have to say it is nice not to worry about any of that! LOL Getting old does have its perks! :)

Christine said...

1. Since I'm teacher/mom it's a requirement to make the 1st and last day of school fun! It looks different every year, but usually involves food or a field trip!
2. Madelyn still carries her pink princess backpack from Kindergarten! Since she doesn't carry it to school everyday, it's lasted a long time and still looks nice! And she hasn't complained about it yet--which I LOVE about her. I have a feeling that if she went to school away from home, it would definitely be an issue. Looks like she'll keep using it through 5th grade! And Chloe just got her first backpack last year, so it has many years to go.
3. I certainly have a different perspective on this one since I'm the one making the list! Sometimes I think it would be a luxury if someone else could make it and I'd just do the shopping!
4. Dance of joy on the first day of school? Hmmm....not quite. Although we are really happy to start, we are always a little happier to finish.