Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Project 365.......a little late!

I decided to just make a new post instead of updating the one from's just easier......and right now easy is better!!!

My boys leaving for Brazil

(these are reverse....oh well)
both my boys played in the worship band today
Jason, guitarist on right. Jared, piano


First stop in my hometown.....Eegee's!!

We drove straight to my parents cabin and
this is what my mom and dad had waiting for me on the patio!!!!


Dinner on the porch!!
It is gorgeous, birds chirping....nice!


Started feeling bad last night.
I thought it was just allergies, but today I went down so fast.
I ended up in the ER with severe bronchitis on the verge of pneumonia

being sick on vacation STINKS,
but at least I have my mom to take care of me!


Even though I am sick, I am trying to keep up with my pictures!

If you have to be sick though....this is the place to be!
I spent most of the day in this hammock (I was tired of the bed)


Since I didn't leave the cabin AT ALL,
I thought I would show you some of it's beauty

This is looking out the back window from the kitchen table

This is the back of the cabin.

mom and dad have worked hard over the years on the cabin
I love how they have placed things in the woods or
hung things from the trees that add beauty but look so natural


We were supposed to head down to Tucson today.
I am not up to it,
so here are more pictures of my parents cabin

I love how my mom has planted in old stumps

I have never been a bird watcher, but I so enjoyed it up here!

I had planned to make this dinner for my parents and some friends....
...that didn't happen but I was determined to make it for my parents before I left.
It was awesome!

I hope to get around to all of your blogs to see your 365 pictures, but you can imagine how far behind I am in the blogosphere!


Kim said...

Oh, the cabin and around it are so pretty! Love that idea of your mom's to plant things in fallen logs. What a peaceful, restful place. Which was just what you needed while you were sick. Hope you're feeling ALL BETTER!

rita said...

Kim said all the things I was thinking! Truly beautiful photos.

2Thinks said...

So, I'm reading this post, enjoying the pictures, wondering if your oldest son is available, since I have a 17 yr. old dau., sorry you're sick, loving the planted stump and then- all of a sudden- I see....The Plate With The Rooster!!!!!!!!!! I grew up eating off of those plates and a few years ago I started looking for them to try to collect enough to serve dinner to the family on someday. My mom got those plates for a gift, I think, when she got married. I LOVE those plates.

I have the teapot. Mom gave it to me. But too many of the plates had broken, so I don't have those.

Thanks for the memory!!

LuAnn said...

SOOOO glad you are home with your family. Your parents have a beautiful place. You can tell you are your mother's daughter.
Welcome Home Sara!!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Well, if you had to be sick, you sure had a nice view while you were! Glad you're feeling better!

TCKK said...

That looks like such a wonderful place!! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Debra said...

What a beautiful the pics and I love the fact that your mom used stumps for flower cool! I'm sorry to hear that you ended up getting sick though, but glad you're feeling better. Hey, I can't figure out what that was that they left you out on the patio. ???

tiffany said...

Wow, love your pics, what a gorgeous place to spend time!! Sorry you had to spend it not feeling well but am glad you're on the mend.
Big hugs, Tiff

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear that you got sick, but how wonderful you had your mom around to take care of you, and in such a beautiful setting.

Cheryl said...

Please tell me how this dish is made. Looks amazing!! Please post.