Saturday, July 11, 2009

Project 365 - Week 28?????

I am glad you have all shown up for Project 365 this week!

And I have NO pictures to show you!  :(

Since I forgot my camera cable, I had planned to go download them at Walgreens.......

.........however, I had a little road block by the name of pneumonia.  

Well, the ER said very severe bronchitis on the verge of pneumonia....too long!!!  Anyhoo, I have been sick the WHOLE time I have been here........the silver lining is that I had my mom to take care of me!!!  Of course, what better place to be if you have to be sick than in the mountains......right?!?!?!

.......yes, I am trying to make myself feel better and it's not working.....I missed out on so many things I wanted to do while I was here......riding in the woods with my dad on his razor, shopping with my mom, cooking yummy meals for my parents and seeing a great friend I hadn't seen in years, very sad. My dad says he needs a "do over"!! 

 However, God and I spent a lot of time talking while I was stuck in bed and I will have to share it with you when I get home.

I just hope they let me on the plane to come home with this luck they will think I have swine flu!!!

I will post my pics when I get home next week.

But before you link up with all your amazing photos, I would like to ask you one more time to pray for my boys.  They will be traveling back from Brazil on Monday and we don't want any more repeat travel experiences.   Many of you commented on how calm I was.........I was not even close to calm!!!!  I have not been able to really think about it because the thought that I could have lost both my boys in a flash is too much for me. Yet I have a BIG God and I trust Him completely with them!!!   I would, however, sooooo appreciate you praying for safe and SMOOTH travel on Monday!!!  Thank you!!! I can NOT wait to get my arms around them!

Okay, so time to link up!


fransmomma said...

so sorry you're sick!!
i'll be praying for you and the boys' safe travel! cant wait to hear about their trip and see your pictures!

Darla said...

praying for you to feel better. i am so sorry to hear that you have been sick.

LuAnn said...

Dear Sara-
So sorry you trip turned out this way. Hope you feel better real soon. My brother just had this.
Praying the boys have a safe trip home and can;t wait to see your pictures. I will have to email you an update but Elizabeth came knocking on my door on Wednesday. And her best friend's sisters wedding was yesterday and called and asked for a ride to church. I thank God that this is the beginning to a new road in our life. Will email more later. Thanking you for your prayers.

tiffany said...

Sara, I'm so sorry to hear you've had such a hard time of it, when all you were hoping for was a wonderful visit. Praying that you get better really soon and continued prayers go out for your boys.
Big hugs to you!

Jill said...

OH NO! I hope by the time you read this you will be feeling on the verge of some GOOD energy!
You will have to GO BACK and visit your folks again SOON!

Dena said...

Sara I am so sorry to hear you've been sick this whole time. You definitely deserve a "do-over".

I will keep your boys in our prayers too!!

TCKK said...

Praying for you and the boys!

I was very bad this week. I only took pictures one day and I've already posted some of them. So I have nothing to post. I will try to do better this next week.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my goodness, Sara, I am so sorry! What a rough week. Definitely praying for you boys - trust me, I wouldn't have been even close to calm, either. Thank God they are in His hands@

Christine said...

I'm sorry your sick, Sara. I'm glad your mom was there to take care of you!

Mocha with Linda said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you've been sick!! How disappointing for you! I hope you AND your boys have uneventful trips home!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and continued traveling mercies for your boys!!!

H-Mama said...

(((((sara))))) so sorry you have been sick! bummer. hope you are running at 100% soon! and that you get that 'do over' one day soon too. your dad is right.

i pray your boys' return home will have less adventure than the arrival there... for sure!

love the idea that you started here. i will have to link up one of these weeks... that is, if linking in the middle is allowed? ;)

Liz said...

I am sorry that you got sick and I will be praying for your boys today!

H-Mama, I signed up in the middle and am having a blast anyway.

Kim said...

How sad to be sick -- but like you said, where better than when your mom can take care of you. I agree with your dad, definitely need a do-over!

Praying for your boys.

Mari said...

Sara - I came here to check on you because it's not like to to not update your photo blog. You have had a rough time, you poor girl! I'm praying for you to feel better and for safe travel for your boys.