Friday, June 5, 2009

Random thoughts on my time with no kids...

I have thoroughly enjoyed my few days with no kids, but I have to admit....I miss them!!!! I am so ready to get my arms around them all but especially my youngest boy!!! He's been gone TWO weeks.

I have a lot to accomplish on my last free day with no kids (garage sales, pool time, movie, etc) so here are some random thoughts on my time:

* My youngest is a hugger......I miss my hugs!
* In the four days my kids have been gone, I have only run the dishwasher ONCE....truly amazing!
* It really is incredible how fast your time can go when you don't have a plan for it
* After spending the whole day Friday with my husband....I looking forward to empty nest. I am completely in love with that man!
* My kids really are house has stayed picked up the whole time they have been gone. I knew it was them! :)
* My kids are also very LOUD. It is extremely quiet here. Even my neighbor commented on it!
* My older kids are having a blast together.........and I love that.
* I have truly enjoyed this time alone, but honestly I am ready to be mom again and I am not quite ready to give it up. Not that you ever do, but you know what I mean!
* It's not as much fun cooking for 2 as it is cooking for 5
* and that loudness that I talked about earlier.........I really do miss it!!

So, I am off. Pray for me tomorrow. I will be an anxious mess the whole time my 3 kids are on the road coming home. The older 2 are picking up the youngest at the DFW airport at 4:00 pm and then driving the 5 hours home.

Maybe you should pray for Steve since he is the one that will have to put up with me!!!


Mocha with Linda said...

Sounds like you've had a great break, but I love hearing how excited you are to see them!

skoots1mom said...

a mom thru and're great! glad you've had time for yourself.

Goose Hill Farm said...

A break from the kids every now and then is a good thing, but it's always great to step back into our very precious role as...MOM!


LuAnn said...

A break is good now and then. Seems when you come back together the love is even greater.
Being a mom is great - isn't it???
Have a great time reuniting.

Dena said...

Isn't it amazing how when they are around, we miss the peace and quiet. When they are gone, we miss the noise. :)

I will pray for all your birdies to make it safely home to the nest.

Beverlydru said...

I have been pleasantly suprised that the empty nest is really okay. It's just a different season. I still am over-the-top joyful when we're all together and I'm sure it will always be that way. I've heard that some experience depression and grief over the quiet and the empty dishwasher but thankfully that has not been my experience at all.

Jill said... kids are still smaller so rarely ALL out of the house at the same time...but when they ARE...the house is absolutely, irritatingly, (is that a word?) deafeningly SILENT and I HATE it!!!