Saturday, June 13, 2009

Project 365 - Week 24

So here we go into week 24. It has been a great week here...aside from the tornadoes and high speed winds that went through at the end of the week!!! Gotta love tornado season.

The highlight of my week (insert sarcasm here) had to do with my vacuum. Turns out my son dropped a large container of feta cheese on the floor the other day. Being the good kid that he is......he proceeded to clean it vacuuming it up!!! Now, just imagine feta cheese stuck up in your vacuum (since it is wet it doesn't quite make it into the bag) for a few days.......ya.......BAD!!!

I could barely get it to the vacuum shop with all the windows rolled down without gagging!! The lady told me they would not be working on it till at least Monday.........hmmmmm........better seal it in a bag, because you won't want to come in here on Monday if you don't!!!!

So what are the odds I'm getting a new vacuum?

Take note.....tell all your children that you NEVER vacuum up cheese or wet items!!!

Now on to my week:


We started a new curriculum on Joseph for Children's Church today.
We had so much fun!!
...and I think all the kids did too!

Well, today was crazy busy. I spent most of the afternoon going from the bank to the post office and back again (twice!) trying to get all the items together for Jared's visa to Brazil. My picture should have been one of those, but I was so flustered the whole time I didn't think about it. So here is a different picture.

This is my neighbors yard. Do you see the cat at the corner of the deck?
Do you see how high it is off the ground?
She is just hanging there sleeping!!!!

Family fun in the pool!!
Why am I not in there, you ask?

I am grilling the dinner....


Alyssa's and my favorite show!!!
(ok, when 24 and LOST are not on)

We are so excited for this to be back on!!
When I get to heaven, I will be able to dance like this!

Goofing off during the commercials. We are so silly.


This drives me absolutely CRAZY

especially when the the distance from the counter to the dishwasher is not even a step!!


We thought this looked like the end of Jared's pool party...
...but it blew through in like 45 minutes and so the party went on!!


This dinner was AMAZING!!!
I got this recipe from the Proud Italian Cook
Oh my word, the scallops are wrapped in prosciutto and then grilled on a cedar have to try this!!!

This is our sweet Lily's favorite spot.
She can view the whole neighborhood from here and protect us!!!

Now let's see how your week has turned out!!


fransmomma said...

great pictures this week!!!
your dinner saturday looks delicious!

Aspiemom said...

Aw, look at your puppy watching out the window! He's a cutie!

It was nice "chatting" with you tonight!

Dena said...

The vacuum story made me giggle. Doing floors is the one job I have never liked, so hubby has always done them. I could just imagine his face if that had happened to him.

I can't believe that cat doesn't fall off!

Such a sweet, sweet picture of your dog! She looks so content. :)

Mocha with Linda said...

Such fun pictures, as always!

LuAnn said...

I love your family in the pool- great memories for them. The cat scares me - I am afraid of heights.
Have a great week!! Continued Blessings to You!!!!

tiffany said...

Love your pictures this week! Makes me happy to see a family that spends quality time together. Lots of great memories being made. :o)
Keeping my fingers crossed that tornado season is over with quick!

Lisa said...

Ewww about the cheese!

The dishes right above the dishwasher makes me crazy, too. My oldest is better about putting things in than my husband is. I was surprised to see how much plastic is still in your house, even with your kids being so old. Guess my five-year plan to be ride of all plastic is not going to happen.

Another great week!

TCKK said...

Sara, looks like a fun week. Your set and costumes look great, but my favorite pic is of your Lily looking out the window.

Kim said...

The vacuum incident? It's a guy thing. I honestly don't think a daughter would have even thought of doing such a thing. LOL

The Joseph set looks so cool!

Looks like (other than the vacuum incident and the fact that they can't seem to find the dishwasher) you've had a good week with the family all home again :-)

Have a great week coming up!

Lois Lane II said...

LOL!! I can just imagine that feta cheese smell...

skoots1mom said...

you win for best pics this week
love the kitty...hope he doesn't dream and roll over
beautiful pool...would love to b there
dishes don't make it to my dishwasher either...and the feta cheese...made my nose itch thinking about it

hahahaha...just watching an HGTV of the designers talking about a job not being so difficult said, "It's not rocket surgery!"...think she got a few things combined and confused, huh?!! lol (rocket science/brain surgery)

anyway, mine's up and i'm enjoying seeing everyone's pics
thx 4 hosting

Smilingsal said...

Ewww. That smell reached right through your post and into my computer!

Liz said...

Oh wow. I like feta cheese, but it does smell, even when it has been properly refrigerated. I can only imagine! eewwww!
I love the week. Mine had tornado attention too, only I had no electricity for two t.v. watching over here.
I am SO going to try those scallops!

Christine said...

You had me laughing so hard with the vacuum story!! At least it's a good for a laugh!
Thanks again for sharing your week!

Edie said...

Oh my goodness, cheese in the vacume!? Ugh!

I'm with you on the dishes in the dishwasher.

I love that picture of Lily!!

beckyjomama said...

OH! The sink thing! Sometimes I just wanna ask him - "did ya lose your map? Cause, ummm, it's RIGHT THERE!!!!!"


Good thing he's cute!

Lois Lane II said...

I want to spend a week at your house! =)

Angela said...

everytime I read these posts of yours and see these great pictures I get reminded about a post I wanted to write way back in Jan and still haven't! :-)

Michelle said...

as usual great pictures!! i love the set and costumes!

Jill said...

I enjoyed EACH and every photo!

That cat freaks me out though! And Lily is adorable looking out the window!

Elizabeth said...

I love the doggie picture... so cute...

And I am just laughing so hard about the vacuum...