Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project 365 - Week 21

Week 21!!! And going strong!! woot! woot! I still find that I forget to take out my camera at times and get so mad at myself later......but I am getting there!!!

I'd like to ask ya'll to be praying for me this week.

I will be driving to Dallas, Monday, to drop my youngest son at the DFW airport. He is going on a trip to Germany with his grandparents and they are flying in and meeting him there. They will be gone for 2 weeks touring the castles of Germany!!! Please pray for safe travel!

This trip has been planned for a long time and I had originally planned to spend the week with my Aunt. However, most of you know that she passed away in March and so my plans have changed. I am going to spend the night with a good friend in Mansfield and then Wednesday I will be meeting my cousin at my Aunt's house to help her continue to clean it out.

It will be my first time back in the house since her funeral. I have been dreading it for days. I know it will be good for me and my grieving process and I want to help my cousin....

....... but I just am not looking forward to seeing it empty and changed.

My cousin has worked so hard (by herself) going through all my Aunt's things. She was hoping to have a garage sale next weekend, but there's still too much to go through.

So I ask that you pray for my emotions as I go through another "first" in this grieving process. And that I will be able to help my cousin as much as possible. Thanks.

I so appreciate you!!

Here is my week:

Hanging out with one of my girls before Children's Worship starts!

We made an awesome lego house!!

Book Club was tonight!

What a blast I have with these ladies!


I have been working at drinking 3 of these water bottles a day...
...all part of Linda's 30 x 5 challenge, phase 3...
.....I feel like I am swimming!


Today was so nice out!
Jared's french horn teacher brought him outside for his lesson!


Four days ago I was thinking we would never see weather as nice as this!
I am SO HAPPY!!!!

Like father, like son!!


Alyssa and I went to see this tonight!

I LOVED it!!!

I am such a trekkie and thought they really captured the original character's personalities!


Early breakfast with the team I went to Romania with.

I love these ladies and am so happy that we still keep in touch...

....hoping we will all go back again together some day!!

you're next!!!


Esthermay said...

I’m going to put Jared’s name in our church’s prayer room tomorrow.
I will also remember you as you revisit your aunt’s home and her life with your cousin this week. Life is SO good and may you be reminded of HIS blessings to you and your family from this incredible lady’s life!!!

LEGOS!! Yea! My favorite past-time with my littlest ones!

I enlarged the book club photo and I don’t recognize any of the books. Call my “out of touch.” LoL…

30 x 15? Still? . . . Phase 3!!!?? I’m not into deliberate and on-purpose exercise, ;-o
but – Water! Absolutely!! Awesome photo. What kind of water is this?

Outside music lesson reminds me of orchestra camp.

I love this photo of Father & Son! Question is: What are each of them reading? . . . Your grass is SO green!

Wonderful chronicle of your week! Have a blessed Lord's Day - safety in your travels and God's richest blessings . . .

Mocha with Linda said...

Love the pics.

Have a safe trip to Dallas. I hope you and your cousin have some sweet times remembering your aunt, and that God's grace and strength will be with you each step of the way.

Becky said...

Hugs to you Sara. I'll be praying that you will be strong, helpful, and filled with good memories.

Looks like a couple of fun groups to hang with. :-)

Hey that trekkie. LOL, I can't wait to see it even though I am a Next Generation fan.

Elizabeth said...

I will be praying for you this week!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Sara, this is such rich post in so many ways, from sorrow to joy and back again. Thanks for sharing, and they are lovely pics.

sara said...

Esthermay - thanks for your prayers!! that is a Smart Water bottle, my neighbor swears by it. however, it is just tap water in the bottle....I just borrowed the bottle from her!! so I don't know what the Smart water tastes like!! :) and as for the boys: Jason is reading a guitar magazine and Steve is reading Finding Your True North, by Bill George.

Becky....I am not a next generation fan either.. this is a story of the original characters and they had some of their quirks down PERFECT. I waited every week for a new episode to come out when I was a teen!

tiffany said...

Lots of prayers being said, Sara, I can't imagine how hard it will be for you, but you're probably right about it helping with the grieving process.
Prayers also being said for your son, what an exciting trip for him!!!
I had no idea how close you were to the DFW area, I was born and lived several years in Arlington and Fort Worth, many of my family still live there!! I will be there next year around Labor Day and would love to meet!
Great pictures this week. :o)
♥ Tiff

Dena said...

Love your pictures this week! Oh legos bring back such memories. :) I will keep both you and Jared in my prayers this week. What an awesome adventure for him! The beautiful weather has FINALLY made it here as well. I love it!

Kim said...

What an exciting opportunity for your son! Be sure and share some of his castle photos with us :-)

Hope your week is not too emotional as you help your cousin deal with the contents of the house. Praying for you!

It took three hours to upload photos and get my Project 365 post done. Ugh. Glad we don't have such slow internet all the time!

beckyjomama said...

I will be praying for you - I know that's hard. And for your boy - how exciting though! That wil be a great trip!

LOVE you pics - hair still looks great!

rita said...

Deutschland! What an opportunity! Would you believe, we lived there four years and visited anry a castle, zilch, zero, NOT ONE :(

Dallas/different plans...I pray that you and cousin will have a wonderful mix of memories and emotions--laugh, cry, share, remember, learn & love!

Safe travels to all!

Esthermay said...

Guitar magazine! hahahahahaha
vs. "Finding Your True North". . .
Hmmmmm - Is this really "like Father, like son?"
Still: a great photo! Love it.

Esthermay said...

NOT that there's anything wrong with Guitar Magazine.

Liz said...

Prayers for your travels...and your son's. DFW Airport is a whopping 10 minutes from my house! Germany would be loads of fun. I will be praying for your task, not quite as fun.
I loved the photos. And am having fun taking my own. Yes, it is difficult to remember on some days.

Smilingsal said...

What a fantastic bunch of memories your son and his grandparents will share. I envy them!

I'll pray that you and your cousin are able to remember and celebrate your aunt's life. I know it'll be hard.

Lisa said...

What an opportunity your son has, but that IS far away and for a long time. I imagine your time at your aunt's house will be difficult, but I am praying you have some "kisses from the King" experiences while you are there.

Love it when the weather is nice enough to sit outside like that...good male bonding time, too.

Still lovin' your new hair!

Heather of the EO said...

Have a good week in your travels, lady!

I have a recent picture of Miles and his Daddy sitting outside on the patio reading car true-like father like son :)

TCKK said...

Looks like you had a great week Sara. I'm working on my post now. Should be up soon.

Jill said...

Dearest Sara...what an enjoyable week! I hope you had a lovely Sunday!!

Susan D said...

Hey Sara, I've finally gotten caught up with my picture posting. Have enjoyed keeping up with everyone's photos. Thanks for hosting this. Blessings, SusanD

Michelle said...

i always love looking at your 365 pics!!

Jamie said...

Love your pics!

I'll be praying for you this week as I'm sure it will be a tough time emotionally.