Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pproject 365 - Week 19

Happy Mother's Day everyone!! And a very special Happy Mother's day to my Mom! Even though we can't be together today, Mom, I am sending you a hug!! I love you!!

Here we go with week 19! I have quite a few pictures this week because on several days I just couldn't decide on only one picture!! This week has really made me thankful that I am doing this project. As I look back on my week, there are several pictures that I would never have taken had I not been doing 365.


Getting ready for our Newcomers dinner.
Once a month we have visitors/new members to our house for dinner.
We had 5 couples over last night
...great fun!


So thankful for great neighbors!!!
My one ingredient for dinner I forgot to buy!!


One thing I love about my boys being at a Christian school
is their world view class.
They have to discuss things like spiritual gifting, Calvinism, predestination, other religions, etc. and then we get to discuss them at the dinner table.....I love that!

I really am tired of all the rain!

It is 9:00 am and you really can't tell in this picture, but it is very DARK outside. You also can't hear the thunder that is rumbling!

It does make everything wonderfully green though!


Steve's mom is visiting for Mother's Day Weekend!

Please notice there is SUNSHINE in the background!!
a one day reprieve...

First jump into the pool of the season!!!

the water was freezing!!!
boys don't care!


Jared had to give a sermon today that he has been preparing for his World View class.
They are required to dress and wear a tie!!!

What a handsome kid I have!

People arriving for our Senior Banquet at church tonight!


I got flowers today!!!
for Mother's Day

Calla lilies! My favorite!

Ok, now it is your turn! Link in and let us see what was going on in your pictures!


Dena said...

I am so tired of the all the rain we've been having too.

The class your sons take sounds like it can make for some wonderful family discussions!

And I have to have a very handsome son. :)

LuAnn said...

I am too tired of the rain!! We missied out on a double=header today because of the rain.

How did the sermon go???


Christine said...

Hello, Sara!! Your flowers are beautiful! Happy Mother's Day, my friend. I hope it's SUNNY!

H-Mama said...

love the flowers! happy mother's day!!

Esthermay said...

Sun: YUM. Nice dishes.
Mon: OK – takes a good lens to get a clear shot like that!
Tues: WorldView dinner table talk…. OH Yes! Looks intense. This is how I fell in love with my husband!!! I look forward to this again with our younger set.
Wed: Your leaves are SO BiG! Nice shot. I show this front yard to my husband as a WishList kinda’ thing. It’s gorgeous!!!! Nice work.
Thurs: Definite resemblance. YES! I see the sunshine. :)
Fri: Jared looks dandy!!!!
Sat: They are beautiful. Calla Lillies! My favorite too. I saved my wedding bouquet.

I always enjoy your photos, Sara. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day and MOTHER’s Day!!

Debra said...

Awesome pictures as always! Sweet pic of your hubby and his mama and I agree, your son is a handsome young man! Hope you have a wonderful day in church. Happy Mother's Day!

Kim said...

You wanna send a little of that rain our way? :-) We could use a little. Isn't that the way it always is?

Are your boys using David Noebel's book for World View class? That's what our daughter used. Excellent material!

The banquet looks like fun! A special evening :-)

Great photos of a good week. So nice that your MIL could be with y'all for Mother's Day. I'd like to be with mine today!

Lisa said...

I can't believe how much your boys are accomplishing in highschool.
What a neat idea to have the new people to your house. A non-intimidating way to let them know they are welcome.

I hope you were able to hear the sermon!

And yay for pool time, albeit cold. At least its a nice blue color.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

What a great idea to have the newcomers over once a month - that sounds like the perfect way to make them feel welcome.

And those flowers are LOVELY - calla lilies are one of my faves too!

Happy Mothers Day, Sara!

Nise' said...

Sorry about the rain! My kids always wanted to jump in the pool as soon as it was ready too!

skoots1mom said...

reloaded my link...a little birdie told me it was giving her a, thought i'd reload...
love your pics Sara

and yes, you do have handsome sons!!
happy mother's day!

Smilingsal said...

Your mother-in-law looks happy with her boy. Happy Happy Mothers Day,

TCKK said...

Sara, we're tired of the rain here too, but the last couple of days have been really nice. We've had a beautiful Mother's Day. I've been out on the porch again a lot today!! Your pictures are always so great. Your son is a good looking guy. How'd he do on his sermon?

Happy Mother's Day!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful flowers... Happy Mother's Day to you!

Anonymous said...

It is so fun to catch a glimpse of your life through your photographs, Sara. Personally, I like a little rain because it gives me 'permission' to sit on my butt and read, but I know I'm in the minority there (in liking rain). I wish my son was in a Christian High School. We sent him to a Christian Middle School, but he really wanted to go the public High School. We can't go back of course, but I think you're doing the right thing for your boys. In my humble opinion. Have a great Mother's Day!

Elizabeth said...

What a week! I can't believe you make dinner for the newcomers once a month. I am very impressed! That worldview class is awesome. Mere tells me about it all the time. Boo on the rain! (although I love it, except when I'm trying to get to a wedding).

p.s. Alex is supposed to be in your paper soon b/c he was a ring bearer. You'll have to look for him!

rita said...

Calla lilies, ohhhhh, they bring back memories of Argentina where they grew freely. That's why I love them.
You are amazing! your garden/yard, house, dinners, family--ALL that you do!!!