Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Your Answer Wednesday

Our very fun friend, Linda at Growin' with it, hosts this meme. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of you better as you answer these crazy questions......not just on my blog, but on all who are participating. So once you answer here, head over to Linda's and see what other questions are out there!

1. Where do you keep your butter? on the counter or in the fridge?

2. What/when is the last meal you cooked at home.

3. where are you in the birth order...and do you fit the profile?

4. Do you bite your fingernails?

Can't wait to get to know you better! Don't forget to head over to Linda's.



TCKK said...

1. Fridge

2. Mac & cheese last night (if you call that cooking)

3. Middle child - yes I fit the profile!! Ask my brothers and sisters!

4. Sometimes, but not usually.

Hey do we get to see your answers?

sara said...

here's mine:

1. on the counter and in the fridge. I keep one in the butter dish on the counter for soft butter!! Great for bread!

2. Tuesday dinner: chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and asparagus! yes, I'm showing off!! :)

3. I am the baby and oh ya, I fit the profile!! However I am also like a first born because my older sibling is a boy and 4 years older than me. yes, it is an interesting combination!!

4. sadly yes, but not down to the quick. Usually when I am nervous or stressed.

Deven said...

1. Butter = counter. Margarine = fridge.

2. Eggs and toast for supper tonight. One of my favs.

3. Older, and yes. Embarrassingly so.

4. Used to.

Lois Lane II said...

I love these!!!

1. In the fridge. I didn't know it was common to keep it on the counter.

2. Cajun chicken -- so good!

3. Only child, and, from what I hear, yes. ;)

4. No -- but my husband and dog (yep, that's right) do.

LuAnn said...

1. My butter is in the cupboard. Great for the bagels in the morning.

2. Last night - Lasagna, garlic bread and corn.

3. I am the oldest of four and yes, I fit the profile.

4. Yes, I bite and pick. I do this and not even realizze it. Mostly because of the stress in my life.

Thanks Sare - I always look forward to Wednesdays. :)

Mocha with Linda said...

1. Fridge.

2. Tonight (Tuesday) - baked Italian seasoned chicken, rice, salad

3. 4th. Somewhat. But my 3siblings are a good bit older and I was in 6th grad when the last of them went to college, so I also have characteristics of only and firstborn. Basically, I'm all mixed up! LOL

4. Occasionally. Not typical biting, but if one tears, I'll help it along with my teeth!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

1. Fridge.

2. Tonight - I made the good ol' spaghetti standby - I didn't have much time today, as I'm getting ready to leave on my trip.

3. 2nd born - and I TOTALLY fit the profile. It's uncanny.

4. I don't think I have ever done this! :)

Jamie said...

1. Both...in the fridge and one in the butter dish.

2. Tonight I made a mexican casserole dish.

3. I'm #3 of 4...I think I fit the middle child profile.

4. Only on a rare occassion.

Debra said...

1. The freezer, the fridge and in the butter dish on the counter.
2. Saturday...ham, potatoes, corn, broccoli with sourcream and cherry cobbler.
3. I am the baby and yes I believe I prob do fit the profile.
4. No, never have.

Smilingsal said...

1. fridge
2. Easter
3. first born--but second to a twin
4. used to, but no more

Michelle said...

1. the fridge.i had no clue you could keep it on the counter.

2.Tuesday ~ grilled chicken, green beans, corn, rice & rolls

3. I'm the oldest and i totally fit my profile.

4. no

Susan D said...

1. Fridge and freezer(I rarely use it because of my husband's HIGH cholesterol and triglycerides)

2. Turkey cutlets Monday night.

3. Middle child - there's a profile for that? lol

4. Rarely.

What about you???? Blessings, SusanD

Growin' with it! said...

1. butter in the fridge although we only use it for cooking usually. margarine (plastic) is left out.
2. oh you would ask that. remember me saying payday is 3 days away and now i have to admit on the web that i made pork & beans for dinner last night. do we sound like poor church mice or what?
3. middle child to a T.
4. i have fought this ugly battle over and over in my life. it's gross and i have overcome the habit...several times. bwhahaha!

Ohilda said...

1. HUH? In the fridge...doesn't it HAVE to be refrigerated?

2. Last night. Beef Stroganoff.

3. Middle child. Yes, I do! :)

4. NO! A huge pet peeve of mine.

Sara@i.Sass said...

1) We use Promise. Fridge.
2)Oriental Chicken last night.
3)youngest. NO! I should be the oldest I got all the common sense and looks! (In my opinion. and YES there is bitterness.)
4)nope. never.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

1. Fridge it is margerine not butter. Just so you know. :) I love butter but I only get it for special occasions.

2. Golosh last night.

3. First born. Yes, I am a control freak!

4. No.

Angela said...

How fun.

1. Where do you keep your butter? on the counter or in the fridge? Fridge

2. What/when is the last meal you cooked at home. Tonight-Post roast, carrots, peas, and mashed potatoes.

3. where are you in the birth order...and do you fit the profile?

First Born...very much so

4. Do you bite your fingernails?

No, but I tear them off to the quick, always have.