Saturday, April 11, 2009

What is Proper Blogging/Commenting Etiquette?

I was over at Debra's blog, Portrait of my heart, and she posted this question:

When I want to respond to a comment someone has left on my I supposed to respond with a comment on MY blog or do I respond in a comment on THEIR blog?

I have always wondered about this and I have done both. I have also commented back by email. I had not thought about the fact that some bloggers might think I don't respond if I don't leave a comment on my own blog!

So what do you think? What is proper?



TCKK said...

I don't know, but I've wondered the same thing! I hope someone has the answer.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the Emily Post of Blogging says (is there such a person?), and I'm a fairly new blogger, but lately I've tried to email the commenter directly. I know that different blog hosts have different ways to leave comments, but I think almost all of them require the commenter to leave his/her email address.

I'll be checking this post to see what your readers suggest.

By the way, I'm thinking and praying for your family as you process the loss of your aunt.

Elizabeth said...

Sara-It was so good to talk to you! I feel bad that I can't come give you a hug while I'm in town, but I will next time!

And this is what you do to respond to comments (at least in Blogger): You have all of your comments sent to your inbox, and you respond from there. But you can only do that if someone has their e-mail connected to their blog profile. I'll find a couple of posts that talk about how to do it and e-mail them to you!

Patrice said...

Good question and I have often wanted to know. I like what Elizabeth said, that's a good idea.

Growin' with it! said...

how funny! this has been on my mind as i realized that all the comments i am getting on my email account don't always go back to the person. i hit reply and recently found out that their address might be "no reply"...figure that out. so have i added another question here? it takes more time to find that person's email and respond so i wish everyone had a reply email!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I usually prefer to answer any questions by hitting "reply" and responding with a personal email - but like Elizabeth said, it doesn't all work and sometimes you get that "no-reply" email thing. Which drives me nuts! I have very rarely responded to questions in my own comments - it never really occurred to me - I guess I figure that most people are too busy to come back again and check for an answer. But maybe I'm wrong!

Mocha with Linda said...

I usually try to reply via email but most people have "no-reply-blogger" activated so that doesn't work. So then I usually go to their blog if I think they really want an answer. I've never assumed that they would come back for another visit to see if I answered! I'm happy to get one visit - never assume I'd get two from the same person the same day!! LOL

Dena said...

I usually reply with an email, if their email address is available. But I don't know what "should" be done. Good question!

Debra said...

Sara, I'm glad you posted this also, it seems we all have the same question. Surely someone has the answer! :)

fransmomma said...

it looks like the concensus is that no one knows. i won't be any help unfortunately. i would love to know the right answer. i always go leave the answer on the latest post of the person who asked the question. that way i know they'll get it. i have such a horrible memory that if i was to ask someone a question, i would forget to go check back and see if they answered. or sometimes i end up on blogs and i dont know the trail i followed to get there, so i wouldnt know how to get back to check the answer and i didnt think ahead to add the link somewhere for me to get back to it (is it obvious that this has happened to me before??) :)

Esthermay said...

Funny. No one seems to know! :-P

I've had a few "Follows" come and go (i.e. follow/not-follow/follow/not-follow) based on whether I comment on thier blog.

I've tested my theory -- aren't I bad?!)

So. . . I think it's really a very subjective thing. Some people are dying for lots of comments on their own posts, while others block comments. Go figure. I've only had the boldness to ask one person what they prefer -- and they told me they'd prefer I answer any question posed on their Facebook Inbox! So . . . WhaaaLA! another option altogether! What's a girl supposed to do?

I tend to deal with sensitive subjects on my own blog (occasionally) and I do get a few comments and questions posed to me directly in e-mail - so I respond via e-mail.

OK -- I'm going on and on and on. . . Generally speaking, if someone asks a question in a comment on my own blog or leaves the suggestion that he/she desires a response. I respond to my own post AND e-mail them separately. It is time consuming, but worth it when the friendship is there :)

To be completely honest,I don't always like playing the "You-Comment-On-My-Blog-I-Comment-On-Yours" Game. It can become quite time consuming, but it's part of being a blogger? ISN'T IT?? That said, EVERYONE likes comments on their blog and I do tend to leave quite a great number of them. If you Google my name, you will find me on a lot of blogs since I use my own name in my blogger profile. :) AND commenting takes time!!!

Project 365 is an entirely different scenario!
I Love visiting these ladies!!!!
:-) This is an awesome project!

Anonymous said...

For me personally, I either email them (if their email is linked) or comment on their blog. I figure most people don't check back to my site for my return comments. :)

The Davidson Den said...

Yay! I've been wondering the same thing...