Saturday, March 7, 2009

Project 365 - week 10

Week 10. It seems like they are flying by now. I feel like the camera has finally become part of my everyday life!!! And the funny part family and friends get so excited about being my picture-of-the-day!!! I take many shots throughout the day and then at the end, decide which one depicts my day the best. Now, when I take a picture, the kids will say "is that going to be your picture today?"!!! I LOVE it!! I really thought they might grumble about it after a while, but instead they want to be part of it.......very cool!!

So here goes my week!

Sunset at the Ranch where I was having my girls weekend


this freaked us out with it's weird sounds at squeaked!


What is it?

it's a VERY expensive nickel.....
........that my plumber pulled from my disposal!
go here to read about it.


Had lunch with some friends today.....
..........I miss having kids this age around!!!


it never ends......


The Great Eyebrow War of 2009
go here and here to laugh your head off!!


with spring........comes yard work!!!
it really felt good to be outside all day!

Your turn!!! Link up and let us see your week!!!



Rach@In His Hands said...

The eyebrow war was a hoot!

I'm back up and runnin' with Project 365....sorry I've been such a slacker!

Dena said...

I hear comments about being a part of picture of they day, but I still get the rolling of the eyes or "ugh" sounds. LOL

I'm envious of seeing people wearing shorts! We are just finally getting rid of the last of our snow, so it'll be a while before we're in shorts.

Great pictures!!

Esthermay said...

Beautiful sunset!!
. . . that is an old windmill!
What? You say you miss having kids that age?
We’re about the same age 45-46-47-48-49– I’ll send you mine!!!!!
Actually we’re about a year past the sippy-cup stage. I miss it.
Is that a demdaco figurine in the kitchen windowsill?
(Notice I overlooked the subject of the “it never ends.” Am I kind or what?)
My husband started my collection. I love these!
I am behind on the “Eyebrows.” I shall go catch up next. . . .
Your yardwork makes me jealous. See my picture for Saturday 3/7 – AND snow is predicted overnight. I do, however, envy the front yard – looks like very little to mow.

GREAT Week of pictures.

Danita said...

Great week in pics! Loved the eyebrow war & the nickel story ;)

Edie said...

I love your yard. I need to get to the yardwork too. I procrastinate but then it feels so good to accomplish it.

Love the eyebrow photo and the kids are adorable!

Becky said...

My kids still aren't aware of the blog but I get the eyeroll from My Love.

Looks like a fun week... you can borrow my kids ANYTIME :-D for free even ;-)

Our yard is a mess... You make me want to break out the rake.

Tiff said...

LOVE your pictures this week :o)

Lisa said...

Love doing spring yardwork. It feels so good to finally be out.

At least you are multi-tasking with the kitchen...running the water while taking a picture.

I thought my family would be more annoyed about pictures by this point, but they've been good about it.

Kim said...

Oh, it was so fun catching up with your posts! LOL I don't know which made me laugh more, the great eyebrow challenge or the intriguing cell-phone-stashed-in-the-bra post.

Great pics, too! I've heard that communities putting up lots of wind "turbines" -- and why aren't they called plain old windmills anymore? -- complain about the excessively loud noise they make.

Michelle said...

I'm glad your family is so thrilled about being in your picture day project. I think mine are getting used to it.

Love sunset shot and the old windmill. The squeaky sound would have driven me nuts and made me feel like I was in a Texas chain saw movie. :)

Yes, spring does mean yard work....and weeds.

Great week of pictures Sara!

LuAnn said...

Hi Sara-
I was going to send you an email but I am computer dumb. Couldn't find how to get your email address.

We are going to Phoenix on Thursday and meeting Joel's parents for a Brewer game. Then we will head to Prescott where they retired. Joel also grew up there. Friday they will take us to Jerome and Sedona! Then back to Phoenix on Sat/Sun. I have never been there, just can't wait.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oooh, what a sunset. Just gorgeous.

Still laughing over the Great Eyebrow War - you and Mama Belle will have to come up with another throwdown for our entertainment.

fransmomma said...

LOVE the windmill picture.

Nise' said...

That is nice your family and friends are looking forward to being the picture of the day. Mine ask, "is this going on your blog?" rolling their eyes!

Mr. Linky was not working when I came by to link up my post.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Great pics! Sorry I've been such a horrible participant, but I'm determined to do at least one more week this year. Love the eyebrow pic.:)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Such great pics! And you are right...I was just thinking today how a clean kitchen only stays clean for just a few minutes. Dishes and laundry are never ending tasks!

Mocha with Linda said...

I always enjoy your weekly pics!

Susan D said...

The eyebrow war was hysterical.! My photos are posted. Blessings, Susan