Friday, February 27, 2009

Project 365 Week 9

Week NINE. We are sailing along! You will notice that I listed my pictures backwards this week....just an indication of the week I have had. However, it ended on a wonderful note as I spent it with 7 of my 9 BFFs (I'm still there). I have known these ladies for 19 years and we have gotten together the same weekend every year for the last 16. These women love the Lord with all their hearts and they have spent the weekend encouraging me, lifting me up, directing me to scripture and plain making me laugh......I love them!

Here is my week 9:


one of my friends son's was in the state basketball championship just 1 hour from here. So went sacrificed and went today. He is in the green jumping with the ball!

Unfortunately they lost by 5 points


3 of our favorite things at our women's weekend

fried tacos!!!



Morning quiet time

One of the many reasons I love these friends....
.....they know where their strength comes from!

this was followed by a wonderful time of all of us praying for and lifting each other up......ahhhhhh..........balm to my heart.


Road Trip!

Wendi and I are on our way to spend the weekend with 7 of our 9 BFFs
We all met at my first church 19 years ago.
....these ladies are my prayer warriors and I am looking forward to spending time with them!


This is what my bed looked like when I walked into my room to go to bed....
I hate it when I am ready to go to bed and find this.....


Can you figure out what this is?

Okay, so I want to keep my tan just a wee bit longer.......


Forgot to take a picture today......too busy!
So, my sweet Lily gets her mug on the blog....again!

Now it's your turn. Link up and and let us see a glimpse of your week!!



fransmomma said...

i totally feel ya on the bed thing. i dont know how many times i've washed our sheets and i'm ready to go to bed but forgot to put the sheets back on! i hate that. glad you had a sweet time with your friends!

Esthermay said...

Your women’s weekend does look to be a healing balm. : - )
– fried tacos? Any heartburn involved here? (ohmygoodness! – I accidentally enlarged this photo on my monitor!!! WOW! Those are definitely fried! lol
God bless the prayer warriors!
Is it a tanning bed?
Why is the family dog always the “fall-back” subject for the forgotten shot-of-the-day?
I’ve done the same thing.
Have a great Rest–of-the-Weekend!

We're praying!

Dena said...

Wonderful pictures! Love the girlfriend weekend shots.

Edie said...

Looks like you had a great time with your friends!

Can I get one of those fried tacos? Mmmmm those look good. :)

Danita said...

yummy tacos!
I'm glad you had a wonderful week!

Nise' said...

Glad you are getting away with the girls! I love it that you get together with friends in comfortable clothes to spend time in God's Word!

Bellezza said...

Sara, what a wonderful group of friends you have! I really am envious, in a good way, of having all that time together. My favorite picture was the Quiet Time Morning.

By the way, my husband pulled your name out of the hat for With No One As Witness, so I'll be sending that to you if you'll email me your address. ( Have a good week!

Lisa said...

I have never seen the inside of a tanning bed...until now. Your tan is enviable, for sure!

Yay for a girls weekend!

Sara@i.Sass said...

WAH! Tanning bed and girlfriend time!
Although I did have some girlfriend time this weekend.
MMMM, tacos!

Mocha with Linda said...

Girl's weekend - what fun!

Kim said...

Fun times! What a blessing to have good friends you can count on. And how cool that you can get together every year! Had to laugh at the bed photo...been there, done that, and was tempted more than once just to fall into it "as is" and go to sleep anyway.
My word verification is "nonsto" which made me think of you and your friends talking nonsto(p)...until you fall asleep in the middle of a sentence. LOL

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hey Sara! I finally got mine up...been a crazy week for me, too.

I wish mine was because I was spending time with old friends. How cool is that?! Looks like you guys had a great time.

And fried tacos...mmm mmmm, good. :-)

Becky said...

What a great weekend! I'm hungry right now so those fried tacos look really good. And watching movies for the second or third time is one of my favorite things. I still struggle with getting up early enough for a sufficient quiet time. The circle of pray-ers looks so inviting.

Lily is so cute! I love those freckles. Is she good with strangers? If I ever met her I'm afraid I would just have to give her a hug. Flip loves everyone... if you pet her she will crawl onto your lap... she thinks she is a chihuahua or something. LOL.

Susan D said...

Hey Sara, My photos are up and running. Wow! Nine weeks already! This is a great way to document the year. Thanks for hosting. Blessings, Susan

Beverlydru said...

Sounds like you know how rich you are to have friends like those. What a treasure.

Michelle said...

How wonderful that you and your BFFs get together each year for a girls weekend!

My first thought was the picture in question was a tanning bed.

Elizabeth said...

I wish I could have a weekend away with my girlfriends! It's been a year, and I am missing them.

p.s. I missed seeing you too! I drove by your church, where you work, near your house. I even shopped at your Supercenter!

It was a quick trip for me, and I'll be back soon. Let's get together then!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I so glad you got a weekend with friends and some good time in the Word! It does wonders for us :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Fried Tacos - yum! I am starving right now, so those look sooo good.

Because I am snoopy, I loved your shot of the movies...I always like to see what other people's favorites are. :)

Becky said...

Oops, I didn't know Lily was an Aussie. Flip is a Border Collie but they really are one in the same except at the tail end. They are great breeds... so smart!