Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update and new code for our Project 365

Several of you have asked about my kids so I wanted to give you an update!  We received a call this morning from Italy and Jason is well and feeling fine!  Praise God! I can't tell how great that phone call was....well maybe I don't have to! :)  

Alyssa made it to Dallas and spent the night with friends.  She is visiting and leaving for Abilene this afternoon.  But this is the easy stretch of the drive!

Jared......well, still sick.  Poor guy has been down for a week now.

Thanks so much for your prayers on all of this!  I am starting to relax!

Now to Project 365.   Edie at Rich Gifts  created the code for my button!!!  I could not get it to work and many of you just had to copy the picture and paste it.  She graciously offered to help out and now it works!!   So if you haven't already, grab the code and put it on your sidebar. 

Then PLEASE head over to Edie's and give her a shout out, because she rocks!!!



Smilingsal said...

Thanks for the update on the traveling kids; I've been concerned.

Mocha with Linda said...

So glad Jason is doing well! Both for his sake and yours! :-)

TCKK said...

So glad the kids are doing better.

Beverlydru said...

Great news about Jason! I understand about the quiet house. It's OK but such a huge change. It's a bit wierd - I am still adjusting.

None of my family wonders why I can't consider Project 365. I am not to be trusted with the camera. Many stories behind that. I'll enjoy your photos though!

Edie said...

Hey Sara! So glad Jared is feeling better.

When I saw your freezing branch picture I wondered if we lived near each other (not that other places in the nation are getting freezing temps but...). Are you in Dallas? I'm in Arlington.

Thanks for the kind words. :) The button actually directs people to your other blog. If you want it to direct them here let me know and I'll make a quick change. I'm actually a little confused about where I'm supposed to go. :P