Sunday, November 2, 2008

I got to spend my birthday in Florence...

I woke up this morning to my 48th birthday in Florence!!!  How cool is that?!  We got up around 7:00 am to an early breakfast because we had a 9:30 walking tour.  My mom had left cards in the bathroom for me when we first got up.  Good thing they were large because I didn't have my glasses on! :)  My daughter and son had given me cards to open on my, I have great kids!!  Their cards made me cry and feel so loved.  I am definitely ready to see them!

We had a wonderful walking tour with a guide that was american.  She had come here 30 years ago to do her thesis, meet an italian man, married him and never left!  She was great and so knowledgeable.  We got to see David.  That is so much more impressive in person. After the tour, we went to see a small church we were told to visit.  It was so beautiful but we didn't get to walk around it because there was a mass going on. That was very interesting to watch.  We saw the Stozzi Palace, the enemies of the Medici.  We also saw the Medici Palace and tombs.  The Lorenzo chapel is attached to the tombs and it was incredible.  The whole thing is made of intricate marble...stories high.  They would not allow pictures which is too bad.  

We had lunch in a little cafe off a side street that was so good.  By this time, my feet are hurting!!!  I can't believe how much we have walk.  I would love to know!  But we kept walking because we had to go across town to of course have what is considered the best gelato in the city...Vivoli's.  They apparently use fresh fruit and it was delicious, however I am  not sure my feet thought it was worth it!!!

Tonight we are having dinner at a restaurant my mom has been to before.  We then leave at 10:30 in the morning.  Our friend, Grazia, worked out a ride to Pisa for us and we will be seeing the leaning tower!!!  I didn't think I would get to do that.  

Our flight home leaves at 4:30 and we have a stop over in London. We have to switch airports and spend the night...then it is home!!!!  

I am ready, but this has been the trip of a life time!  I have loved seeing Italy but even more I have loved seeing Italy with my mom.  What a precious time we have had!!!


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Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Happy Birthday, a day late! I cannot believe how fast your time in Italy has gone...but I'm sure you will be happy to get home and see your family.