Friday, October 31, 2008

Tuscany - Day 5

I slept sooo hard last night!!! I had a hard time getting up this morning. I am so impressed with my mom. Yesterday was a long day and a lot of walking and my mom was a trouper!!! She did all of it. Walking up the hill to the church, we were all wishing she would ask to stop so we could rest!!!! Anyway, I was tired.

We left this morning around 9:30 and had an hour drive. It started to pour rain again. And as we were driving, it actually started to sleet and pour some more. We really thought that we would be getting drenched today. As we drove , I was praying for traveling mercies (these roads are narrow. Narrow and wet do not go together!), I was asking God if it would be too much to ask for another great day of weather. God is good…all the time!!! As we got close to the walled city of Certado, the weather just cleared out!! Several people in the car commented on it and one gal commented that the pastor’s wife must have prayed about it. I replied “I have connections! It really does matter who you know!” ☺

This city sits on top of a hill and the view is spectacular! The city itself is so quaint and beautiful. The church was simple and humble and had beautiful ceramics on the walls and frescos. I can not get enough of these churches. There was a wonderful museum of many artifacts from the church.

After walking around the city a bit, we got to visit two artisans and watch them do their crafts. One made wonderful etchings and then prints. We got to see how she did the whole process. The other did ceramics. It is so fun to be able to see the actual artists and also watch them make each items. It makes them much more special. I was able to get my ceramic olive oil vase signed by the artist.

What a fun day! The weather was sunny on the way home and amazing!!!! We finally got a picture of a man harvesting olives….I was so happy!!! Now I have the whole process in pictures!

We came home to a spread at the table. Frittata, tomatoes and green beans, stuffed zucchini, wonderful califlower with parsley and capers, bread. Wonderful!!!

We have spent the afternoon relaxing and sitting by the fire. The weather has turned very cold. I was hoping to go for a walk, but it is way too cold. We can only get internet outside on the patio and it was all I could do to stay out there and check my emails!

In a few minutes we will starting our next cooking class…..hmmmmmmmm!

This meal was wonderful. We made a butternut squash risotto with porcini mushrooms, Pork rolls in Vin Santo sauce, Vegetable Carpaccio (this was steamed veggies layered on a plate like a cake…gorgeous!) and homemade biscotti!!!

All very delicious, though the risotto was a lot of work. I might not make that one at home, but everything else I think I will make!!

Tomorrow we are going to a local market to buy our groceries for dinner. Tomorrow is our last day in Tuscany! It has really gone by fast.



Jules from "The Roost" said...

It all sounds amazing! Isn't God good to answer our "small" request! Hope the rest of the trip is equally fun.

LarryG said...

i can't wait to go there... :)