Thursday, October 23, 2008

Houston, we have internet!!

It takes sooooo long to upload pictures, so you are only going to get a few at a time!!!

Well, we arrived in Venice today! I have to say that if Italy is half as fun as the plane ride over, we are going to have a great trip! Ha! I was like a little kid on the plane. There were more buttons to push around my business class seat than in my car at home. Not only did we have copious amounts of room, but our own reading lights situated at our shoulder, our own reclining chair (fully reclined to a bed!), our own individual TVs complete with movies, music, video games, email, etc.!! It was amazing and mom and I had so much fun making our chairs go up and down!!! I am very sure those riding in business class for “business” were horrified at us!!! Our meal came with cloth placemats, cloth napkins and a menu!!! It was 3 courses and truly amazing (not your typical airline food) We even had our own mini bottles of extra virgin olive oil for our bread….now you’re talking!!!

Our flights went smoothly with no hitches. We had only a hour layover in Madrid and were a bit worried about getting through customs, but it was a breeze!!

We got to Venice around 11:30. A little bleary eyed (too much fun playing to sleep) and got our luggage. We walked about 5 minutes to the port and caught a speed boat that took us to Venice. It was a bit cloudy but a cool ride, about 30 minutes. We then had to carry our luggage about 5 minutes to our hotel…….5 minutes is not bad, right? WRONG! This is Venice and you don’t walk more than a few yards before you have to walk over a bridge, a staired bridge!!! I am sure we were a sight to see trying to lug our luggage over these bridges….amazingly it was the Americans that always offered to help us.

We got to our hotel and got settled and decided that we would take a short nap before going out. The short nap turned into 2 hours, we were both exhausted and so we finally headed out into Venice about 4:30. This place is a shoppers dream!!! Oh my, if I had an unlimited amount of money, I could do some damage! JK! Maybe! We found a small out of the way café to eat and ended up having a wonderful meal. My mom ordered sea bass and got the whole fish…head and all!! Not what she was expecting, but it was wonderful and she had no problem devouring it! The people were so nice and we had a wonderful time there….I think we will try to get back.

After dinner, we just walked around for a while and tried to find an internet café. We found a book store that let you use their computers, however I could not get my pictures to download. But I was able to send emails home that we made it safely.

We walked for a long time checking everything out and then decided to go back to St. marks square and sit in a café, have coffee and listen to the many orchestras playing. We ended up ordering an amaretto dessert and 2 coffees…….this alone cost more than our dinner!!! Yikes! They added more on because of the music. I don’t think we will do it again, but I have to say that it was so enjoyable. The evening was beautiful, the perfect weather, and we thoroughly enjoyed people watching and listening to the music.

We’re back at the hotel now and are trying to decide what we are going to do each day…you know…have a plan. Not that we will stick to it, but it always good to have one! We will be heading to the island of Murano tomorrow where they make the beautiful glass. I can’t wait!!!



Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! I will enjoy hearing more.

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

You look so happy and I am so envious!
Safe Travels & Spledid times!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still jealous! :) You and your mom are so cute!

Smilingsal said...

I loved Italy, and I loved Venus.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Sounds Wonderful! Tell us more when you can.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

What a great start to an awesome trip! I can only imagine the fantastic food you're going to be having over the next few days. Amazing!

Mom To Six said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. The pictures are great. I laughed about the luggage...too funny.

Stay safe,


spurgwife said...

Someday you and I will take a trip like this. Hopefully before our Home Health nurses have to push us over those bridges in wheelchairs.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

this is so fun I can't stand it!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I love the and your mom are beautiful!