Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Silly and fun posts this week.

I started out the week saying that we had an "average" week ahead of us......I was wrong.  This has turned out to be a very difficult week and has left me emotionally and mentally drained.  Fortunately many of my bloggy friends have fun memes out there I can copy.  This one came from Mocha with Linda......enjoy.

What Your Handbag Says About You

You tend to be relaxed throughout the day. You are naturally at peace.

You tend to be relaxed but alert. You keep your eye out for anything unusual.

You are a low maintenance person. You can adapt to a variety of situations.

You are open and comfortable with who you are. You don't hide anything.

You are a very creative person. Your life tends to be a whirlwind, but you always seem to pull it together.

You are practical and down to earth. You tend to be a rather reserved and quiet person.

You are a very unique and special person. There's no one else who is anything like you.


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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm gonna do this and post on Sunday. Thanks for the fun!