Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blog withdrawal!!

I have a terrible case of blogger withdrawal!

I am currently up at the church, on the internet for the first time since Sunday (and doing laundry!), and I had a horrible time deciding whether to post a blog first or read all the blogs I have been missing!!! Posting won out!

We are still without power. The paper said today that we might have power by tomorrow but it could be Saturday before everyone is up.

This has been very challenging to say the least, but have had so many blessings in the midst of it.......

........ The weather is unseasonably cool and our house is very pleasant!

........ We have awesome neighbors!!! Sunday night, we gathered all our electric cords together and strung them across the street to that we could get power to our fridge...so I am not losing any food! Each neighbor on our side plugged in to the house across the street.....looks pretty funny!!

......... We also purchase a multi-outlet box, so that we could plug in our coffee maker!!! woo hoo!!! I would be a mess without coffee for all these days!!!

........ My kids were already out of school for Monday and Tuesday for parent/teacher conferences, so we haven't had to do the whole "get ready for school" thing without power....yet.

........ I have had lots of time to read my book for my book club!

We are hanging in there very well. I just really miss visiting all ya'lls blogs!!! I think I will be here at the church for a few hours trying to get caught up on everyone!

Below are a few fun pictures of our time without power!!

It's amazing how calming candle light is! I have actually enjoyed having them, however note to self..... make sure all the candles are the same scent next time!

I bought this headlamp for Romania. Little did I know it was going to come in handy at home! Jared says I look ridiculous!

It is only 7:45 in this picture!! That's the worst part, what to do when it gets dark!

If you look closely, you can see the cord coming from under my garage door, around my mail box and into the street towards the neighbors!!

Then around their mail box and up the walk to plug into the outlet on their porch. Praise God for wonderful neighbors!!

I am not sure you can see it in this picture, but their are three set of cords going across the street ........in front of each house.

My boys putting together legos up in Jason's room this morning. This has been one of the biggest blessings.....the boys have spent some quality time together...they went to dinner last night and then bowling (just the two of them), playing cards, legos........awesome!



Christine said...

I'm sorry you've been without power! What a pain. I'm glad you're noticing the great blessings though!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Sounds like you are making the best of a not so ideal situation! Hoping you get power soon!

Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

What wonderful neighbors to share the power. This situation is definitely blog-worthy. Thanks for sharing.

...I see a devotional here. Sharing the little electricity available. Sharing the Power. Power in Jesus. Sharing it. Sharing with people who need it. Some need it DESPERATELY

Are ya' there? I'm always thinkin'

God Bless!