Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Great Luncheon and wonderful weekend with my family

Thanks to all of you who prayed for my time with my Aunt. We left Friday at noon and started cooking the minute we got to Dallas. The luncheon was the next day and was a huge success!!! Everything went so smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves completely!!! The best response I got was my Aunt saying "it was exactly what I wanted...and more!"...........ahhhhh!!!

Honestly, I think if Wendi and I lived in Dallas, we would have gotten some catering jobs!!

This is me, my Aunt and my mom

When the ladies arrived, we served these drinks. They were so beautiful!!! Everyone kept asking for the recipe............crushed ice and white grape juice!!! yep, that is it!!!

I laughed with Wendi as these ladies ooooo'd and awed over the meal. I know that at least 90% have put on luncheons as good as or even better when they were my age!! Things always seem better when someone else does them.....don't you think?

This was the head table. The fun part for me was that many of these ladies took me in as a young woman, and new christian, just out of college. I moved in with my Aunt after graduation, in a city where I didn't know anyone. She not only treated me as her own, but so did her friends. They included me in their group dinners, always saved me a seat at church and just loved on me. They are very special ladies!!!

The preparation. Amazing how smooth it went in such a small kitchen!!

The main dessert! Dark chocolate cream puff with nutella and strawberries inside. I can't even explain with words how good this was!!

For the non-chocolate lovers.....can you believe we had four!
My great grandmother's pound cake.....yummo!!!

My bff, Wendi, we are a great team in the kitchen!!!

Now for a funny story.....for those of you with college age kids, you know it is a bit of a transition. They are adults now and you find yourself talking to them like adults....but they are still your "kids". Well, Alyssa gives the most amazing massages!!! As you can see below....

They hurt, but they hurt good!! Anyway, I was giving her a massage and this is the conversation (with my friend Wendi sitting across from me):

A: I love massages. I think I need to find a guy to marry that gives good massages. Then he can give me one every night

Me: That would be great....except then you would have to..........

Now picture my eyes bugging out and my hand flying to my mouth as I realize where my sentence was going......with my daughter!!!! Wendi about fell out of her chair laughing at the look on my face. It took about a minute for Alyssa to go "ewwwwwww.....mom, I can't believe you said that....la la la la la" (don't you just love the fact that it took her atleast a minute to catch on.....I do! I love that girl!)

So, those of you with younger kids get ready for the transition....it takes you places you never thought you'd go!!

again, thanks for the prayers for the luncheon. It was such a blessing to serve my Aunt in that way and to serve these ladies who have taken such good care of her! That house was filled to the brim with the true meaning of friendship that day and I am blessed to have experienced it and to be part of it!


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shell said...

That looks so yummy! You did a fabulous job Sara! And the story with Alyssa cracked me UP! :)