Monday, July 7, 2008

Great ending to a very fun weekend....

So below are pictures of some of our youth from church. They had a summer pool party at our house last night. Many were out of town for the 4th, but they still had a great time! It was the perfect ending to a busy weekend.......3 pool parties in 3 days.....yikes!!!

One of the youth workers giving a devotion...

yes, of course the girls are sitting nicely on the edge listening..the boys were in the water, trying to listen...ha!

Great game of volley ball.....that is until one guy decided to see how high he could set the ball......ya, he set it over the fence (even over the new netting we put up so it wouldn't happen) and into the neighbors yard........whose dog immediately grabbed the ball and popped it!!!

Today, I drove to Russelville to drop off my youngest son at band camp. It's amazing what a difference a year makes! I was staying with him until his roommate showed up (so he wouldn't be alone. he doesn't know any one else there), but it was getting close to the end of check in time and he hadn't showed. Jared tells me "mom, just go ahead and go. I will be just fine". Wow! That would not have happened a year ago! So, I left him to get settled (in a dorm) and go to tryouts. Not long after I left, he txt'd me to say that his roommate never showed up and he will have his own room. Now, he is probably excited about this, being the loner he is, but I immediately panicked, being the social bug that I am.....and I was now an hour away and couldn't go back to fix it. Seeing as he is the youngest, my next response was........he'll be just fine!!!

Amazing what changes with the 3rd child!!

He just txt'd me by the way, and he made 2nd band 3rd chair!!!! This is one of the honor bands and is out of 7-9 bands!!!! Wow!!!!



Linda said...

Sara, as a youth ministry assistant, I am cracking up at doing devotions at the POOL. Built in distraction! Still, it was nice that you opened up your home for them. I'm sure they loved having something to do during the daylight hours of July 4.

Pat said...

Is there ANY place else to be in this heat!!??
Looks like a fun day,
bless you,