Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy birthday Steve!!

Today is my husband's birthay.....his 48th birthday!!!  What an amazing man God brought into my life.  We have been married more than half our lives now....wow!!!   Thank you Lord for a man who loves me dearly, is the best father my kids could ever find, loves you with all his heart, is an amazing pastor and friend.  I am truly blessed.  So, Happy Birthday, Steve......I love you!!!

What are we doing for his birthday you ask..........I have a women's ministries movie night that I am in charge of at church!!!!  BUT....I just finished his favorite cake (red velvet) and the boys are taking him out to eat.  

We did just have a kidfree weekend.......!!

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SaraLynn said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!
The cake looks great!!

**We survived the rain, but there is more storms on the way...yippee...lol