Saturday, March 15, 2008

crazy night and surviving teenagers!

Last night started out with turning on the TV and realizing that there was a tornado in Atlanta, GA.  Steve is with friends at the SEC basketball tournament at the dome and the tornado hit the dome.  I couldn't get a hold of him for a while, but he finally txt and said he was fine.   In the meantime, my 16 year old had called and said he was spending the night at his friends and was coming home to get his stuff.  I was at the neighbors, so I told him the house would be empty.  JJ was at a performance at school.  About 10:30 I walked home and JJ got dropped off, I talked to steve and finally started getting ready for bed at 11:00.  I assumed J had already been home to get his stuff (my first mistake).  So I locked up the house (my husband is gone) tight and went to bed.  About midnight I sit straight up because I hear someone in the house.  My heart was pounding so fast.  I get to the door of my bedroom and realize it is J and his friend up in his room talking like it was the middle of the day.  My fear quickly moved to anger.  If any of you have spent any time with me, you know that I am not very nice if I get awakened from a dead sleep.  I honestly try to be nice, but it never comes out that way.  I head up to his room, open the door and he says "hi mom!"  I look to the boy who I thought was his friend but now see (somehow without my glasses) that it is a boy I do not know and I say ("slightly" gruffly) "WHO are YOU?  The poor kid stammers his name and I tell J I need to talk to him downstairs.  I am so mad at this point (JJ's room is right next to his and they are just chatting away!) I tell him to get his stuff and go but to come directly home, do not pass go or collect $200, in the morning.  It takes me a while to get to sleep and at 3:00 am I am woken up by the loudest thunder I have ever shook my bed and set off the car alarm next door.  It was followed by hail so big and loud, I thought it would break a window.  That finally passed through and I got to sleep only to be woken up at 5:30 by the alarm that I mistakenly set.  So when J got home this am, I was pretty tired and this is how our conversation went:

j: mom, I am really sorry about last night

me: well, J you need to understand how badly you scared me when I wasn't expecting anyone to be in the house.  But lets start with the first issue of you being out past curfew.

j: what?  my curfew is for when I am coming home.  I was at my friends house!

me:  um, no.  A curfew means we don't want you out at all past it no matter where you are

j: you never said that and i was just driving from my friends house

me: I thought it was implied in the word "curfew", but either way, now you know.  Second, why did you bring a friend to our house knowing everyone would be asleep.

j:  he was spending the night too and needed some shorts to sleep in.

m: did he have to try them on?  Why didn't you just come in and get them for him?


me: and then when everyone is asleep you are talking like it is the middle of the day!!!!

j: sorry.

They are oblivious!!!! completely oblivious to anything that is more than a foot away from them!!!!  And I think they are completely oblivious to the fact that they so often are one breath of self control away from losing their lives!!!!  Especially at night!!!!  This is the child that at night would crawl commando style around our bed to get to his dad when he was sick at night.....he should have known!!!

So, we are taking a deep breath and starting the day over.  I am cleaning for Alyssa coming home and he is out doing chores to earn some money for gas.  

And it is currently peaceful..........

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