Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh my!!!!

Right at this moment, I am in Savannah in my hotel room at the end of the most wonderful day....the best part is I am in my PJs with all elastic!!!!!! I don't think I have eaten this much in 2 days in my life time!!! Actually that isn't the best part....I don't think I could even pick one thing today that was the best, it was ALL amazing! The food here is better than I can even explain....better than even the food on the cruise and that is saying a lot!

we have laughed today just as much as we have eaten and we ended the day at Paula Deens was just as good as I had hoped! Well worth the wait!

Tomorrow we head out to Tybee Island. There is a light house there we want to see and then we are spending the day on the beach....oh yes and also eat at the crab shack.....the best low country boil in the county...I'll let you know!!

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