Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just and update

Well, we are midway into our first week with Alyssa in college!! I have to say that all are doing well! Alyssa seems to love college and so far likes all her classes. My boys are settling into school and getting into a routine and I am happy because everyone else is happy!!! Isn't that true about us moms? When all those under our care are happy, everything is right in our world!! I have had to lean on the name of God, El Roi, the God who sees this week. I know that even though I can't see where Alyssa is or how she is doing, He does....that brings so much comfort!

Steve leaves today to head to Maine. He is meeting 4 friends from Indiana there. They will be fishing, white water rafting, eating lobster (I am jealous of that) and hopefully having a really great time!! Please pray for safe travel, all the other guys are driving the whole way tonight. He will be back on Monday.

Jason is leaving Saturday to go on a camping/caving trip with some friends from school. He is really looking forward to that and it will be fun for him to get away for a while too!

So that leaves me and Jared. I am not sure what we will be doing this weekend.......something FUN for sure!!

Hope everyone has a great and safe Labor day weekend!

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