Saturday, May 5, 2007

Well, it's been very busy this week. My desktop is currently locked up so I can't download new pictures of the is almost FULL of water!!! We have a pool!!! The electrician comes monday and then they will start filling the dirt around the pool and do the cement...then we will be done. Much sooner than was planned...woo hoo!!! Does that ever happen?! Maybe I shouldn't have said that...I could jinx it!! I will try to get a picture up is really pretty.

Last night we experienced an Arkansas tradition....Toad Suck Daze!! Yes, I said Toad Suck and no, it is not obscene! There is a park near here in Conway called Toad Suck and every year they have a big festival...a lot like the blueberry festival in IN. But instead of getting everything blueberry, you can find ANYTHING you could ever want fried and on a stick!! No joke!!! Fried oreos, fried twinkies, fried gator, fried was wild!! We had a lot of fun, but it is one of those things that once you've seen've seen it. Oh, they also have the highlight which is "stuck on a truck". They pick 20 people by and they have to keep one hand on a truck...last one with their hand on the truck wins the truck!!! They say it lasts about FOUR days before they all fall. They get 15 minute breaks every couple of hours.....pretty wild!!

Today is gorgeous out...after a week of cloudy rainy weather....sounds like a good day to do yard work!! Last night I catered by first tail party here for Young Life! It was fun and maybe I might get some jobs from it...we shall see!


Mark W said...

Yes, you do not want to jinx it...remember the washer? LOL

sara said...

yeah, thanks for reminding me Mark!!! :)