Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365 - Week 25

Week 25.

This week seems to have gone by so fast.  I can't really say why....I think it is just summer.  I have tried to stay on my morning school schedule (aka...getting up early before everyone else) which has worked most days.  I just don't get my quiet time or bible study done if I don't do it before the day starts!!

I did have some good news....for daughter is extending her stay another week!!  woo hoo!!  It's not as good news for her because she needs to get back to start her research and she misses her friends.  oh's good for me.....that's what counts, right?!!!  :)

Here's my week:
Today was such a fun day at church!
We have a Korean church that worships in our facilities Sunday afternoons.  It has been a blessing to get to know them. To thank us, they served us a tradition Korean meal on Sunday between our was!!
they spent all morning making homemade sushi.
It was soooo good!!!

Some of the ladies dressed in traditional Korean outfits and then they served us....I can't spell any of the dishes, but they were fantastic!!!
What a blessing to share what God has provided with them and to worship along side them!!
So tonight, Steve and I planned to get back in to exercising.
Then someone mentioned "ice cream"
and it turned into "family game night"!

mixing up the tiles for mexican train
sometimes we "steal" each other's tiles
you have to be quick in this family!

and yes, we keep score....

but we tired of mexican train and moved to hearts!!!
what a fun impromptu night...
...with NO exercise.  :)
girlfriends + pool = my kind of day!
at our age, we don't take pictures of our selves in bathing I get to show the fun drinks I made.

love these flowers!!!
I am so enjoying my yard this year!
I had a good friend and her kiddos over to swim today.
We had so much fun!
This is the temperature IN my house right now.

My air conditioner has broken AGAIN.....argh!!!
We are having a HOT summer and it is only June... this has got to get fixed!!!!
 Alyssa and I started the day down at the farmer's market.
We shared a great breakfast and then fun!
We ended the day seeing Toy Story 3, 3d.
This was a GREAT movie...definitely a must see!

So that was my week.  How was yours?


The Bug said...

What a fun week! I think Dr. M & I should play games - but we're both too competitive. It might strain the marriage :)

I wish I could have been there for the meal on Sunday - I LOVE sushi! We have a Korean restaurant near where I work - I might have to get lunch there one day next week.

I'm going to post my link tomorrow. Somehow I posted last night & then accidentally this morning (I had set it to auto-post I THOUGHT for Sunday morning). So I'll be flip-flopping the posts. What's funny/strange is that my post from today is a poem where one of the stanzas is about my mom, whose 68th birthday it would have been today.

LuAnn said...

No wonder your week went fast - too much fun. We love mexican train too. Those drinks look refreshing - can you share the receipe sometime. Enjoy each moment with Alyssa :)
Blessings to you and your family this week.

Mocha with Linda said...

Such a fun week. Well, except for the hot house! Hope it's fixed soon!

Willys and Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

What a fun week for you!

Amy said...

You're week sounded SO fun...except the air conditioning part :) Pool time, friend time, kid time, food time, and farmers market time!!

Love your pics

H-Mama said...

Family game night is much more fun than exercising, yes? :)

I'm with you... drink pix are much more fun! ha!

Lovely flowers!

So sorry about your A/C! No fun. The temp I posted was in my car, but my A/C is acting up. Boo!

Yay for more time with Alyssa... and Toy Story 3. We had the same idea!

{I'm actually linking up on time this week! Aren't you proud?} ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

we saw Toy Story 3 also. It was a great movie. I cried just a little.
Great pictures this week. Love all the pool shots and ugh to the AC breaking. My parents AC is broken too...can't get anyone out until Tuesday. It has been like this for over a week. HOT.
Have a great Father's Day.

Kim said...

Those poolside drinks do look yummy! But I'm favoring the hot ones right now :D It's good and truly winter now and COLD. Tea, hot cocoa, and my ever favorite coffee are my beverages of choice!

Love, love, love sushi! So sweet to fellowship with believers who share their yummies :D

Mexican train can get vicious at our house. lol "Take no prisoners" is our motto! This week Ivan and I have been playing a lot of Hand & Foot at night (I've been told it's sort of like Canasta).

Such a fun week you've had. Sorry for Alyssa, happy for you that you get an extra week with her :D Make the most of it!

Lisa said...

Wow! What FUN! Yes, I think that's how it works...our happiness comes first and then we think of others...or something like that. :)

If I don't get up early in the morning, my study time doesn't happen either...and then I pay for it the rest of the day.

I'll have to get to our farmer's market soon. I've seen on the news that its hot where you are. AC would be helpful!

Rita said...

What a fun week! The sushi sounds great and what a blessing for both of the churches! The drinks look fun and the flowers are beautiful - what are they? Hope your air is fixed and your week is much cooler!!

McCrakensx4 said...

No a/c...aggg...couldn't do it! :P And how fun that your daughter is staying another week! We love hearts and dominos too...such fun games! And was that Ben & Jerry's ice cream I saw on the table...YUM! We share our church with a Spanish congregation on Sunday afternoons...great to share, but that meal looked amazing! And we are heading to the drive-in on Tuesday night to see Toy Story 3...can't wait!

riTa Koch said...

Mexican train--fun!
pool time--more fun!
indoor temps--no way!!!
Flowers are gorgeous.

Well, I'm still hoping to jump back into Project 365, but a bit overwhelmed after three weeks absent.

RaD said...

We just watched Toy Story 3 for Father's Day (we're all fans of the other 2 movies) but didn't get to catch it in 3D because our son always complains the 3D movies hurt his eyes. At least we saved $15 bucks because of it though :)

It's strange because so many people are talking about the heat but we live in Cali and so far have not had tempuratures over 85. Mostly though, our temps have been in the low 70's.

I love how your family plays so many games together. We love family game time too, our kids really look forward to it.

Thanks for a peek into your week!

Heidi said...

LOOking GOOd, and very HOT! I'm going to try to get back into the 365 project, now that computer issues are solved.

Enjoy the pool!

Angie said...

Your week looked so fun! How sweet of the Korean Fellowship to cook for you. I love the diversity in the family of God!

We've played lots of domino games, but never tried Mexican train. Will have to read our instruction book and give it a try sometime.

We love Settlers and got to try the Sea expansion. I didn't like that one as much. My son would love to have the knights one. Maybe Christmas.

I didn't take a pic of me at the beach to spare everyone. We had some amazing frozen ice and I should have gotten a pic of that - like your drinks. Good thinking!

Thanks for stopping by.

Beverlydru said...

I've heard Mexican Train is really fun. I need to play! My current project is looking for toys to fill my house with - anticipating next week's visit from Miss A. 95 in the house.... Oh MY. I said after the cold winter I wouldn't conmplain about heat. And I haven't - bus it hasn't been 95 in the house either! I think I'd have to go visit someone with AC ; )

Blessings to you - have a great week!

Michelle said...

bless your heart!! our air went out one year during the hottest week of the summer so i know you were miserable!!!

those drinks look mighty refreshing
love the flower picture!

i love seeing your family game night pictures!! looks like y'all have a ton of fun playing together.

SmilingSally said...

Oh, Sara, what a time for your air conditioner to go out!

I love your special drinks and those gorgeous flowers.

Skoots1moM said...

what beautiful dresses the ladies were wearing...yummy food, too!
you had a great week.
thx 4 sharing!
i haven't been taking many pics lately, but i so enjoy keeping up with everyone thru their pics.
those drinks look wonderfully are you standing a 95* house??
prayers for your ac getting fixed FAST!

StephieAnne said...

I'm so happy you get another week with Alyssa. Michele and I get to spend the time focusing on our oldest kiddos while the younger girls are at camp. Was it hard for you watching "Toy Story 3" where the mom hugged Andy - sending him off to college? I thought of you in that circumstance with kiddo #2 in your life!

Ladynred said...

What a fun week you had. The homemade sushi sounds yummy!

Christine said...

Looks like a great week -- except for that 95 degree heat! yuck!! And I'm not sure about that sushi. But I can't say yuck to that because I've never had it. :) really. never. Just never had the opportunity, I guess.

Hope you're having a great week, friend! xo